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With studios popping up left, right & center, and the possible holiday overindulgence guilt setting in, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed when trying to find somewhere new and exciting to train. Well, here at Wanna Train we did the hard graft for you, seeking and sweating it out in the hottest new gyms Bali has to offer, we’ve got everything from Seminyak WODs, Canggu flows & Ubud escapes to keep you from running from those excuses. Wanna Train? Because we definitely do! Take a look at our top new gym picks!

Titi Batu Ubud

Upping the health club game is Ubud contender Titi Batu, a brand new allrounder! Equipped with gym, studio, spa, pool & the new ultimate Ubud hangout. Forget those days of creating your own workout when Titi Batu has an array of daily classes between two beautiful wooden studios, with some days hosting up to 11 varied class types from TRX, Circuits & even Fly High Yoga! Not only that, if you’re traveling with the kiddies, they have classes dedicated for the kids such as Karate, Swimming & Hip Hop! From their vast foodie menu, suitable for all fitness dietary requirements to their stunning private spa rooms with bath tubs, it really doesn’t miss out on that Ubud tranquility! Titi Batu opened their doors late 2018, offering a multitude of services with price ranges starting from 250k drop ins, with annual members gaining benefits such as discounted spa treatments & free guest passes for those traveling through! From the magical open aired spaces, huge pool, pizza oven and modern gym, Titi Batu is well and truly on route to connect people from all walks of earth! Wanna do it all?

Avenue Fitness – Canggu

A Canggu based fitness centre off Batu Bolong, kitted out for all those Wanna Train needs. Based over 3 floors with a workout studio hosting various classes, a fully equipped gym, suitable for the most budding athlete & the top floor dedicated to a rig & boxing equipment! Not to mention, there is even a hot-tub & sauna just off the changing rooms! Although Avenue Fitness is not like its other new fitness brothers & sisters across Bali, it has everything your heart desires when needing to get a sweat on! With long opening hours from 6am-10pm and 2-4 classes daily, it gives all budding digital nomads & travellers options to workout! Daily gym access starts at 150k, with class rates also being the same! Various monthly & yearly packages are available with the options for PT sessions starting from 3Mil upwards for 10 sessions! Avenue really does offer it all! Wanna Gym?

Canggu Nest – Canggu

The best way to describe Canggu Nest is the same feeling as coming home feels, its welcoming, airy & just gives us all those homely vibes…even if we are dripping from sweat after a killer Strength class! Canggu Nest is located in the heart of Berawa, offering drop in classes at 200k with unlimited monthly memberships at 1.6Mil! With their dedicated trainers, who both work and train at Canggu Nest, showing true belief in what they put in really does work! Their daily classes start from 7am, 6 days a week, with with added happy hour open gym slots, classes range from strength to interval to boxing workout three times per week! Canggu Nest states themselves as more than just a gym, but an environment that invites you to leave the old self at the door and embrace every moment & fun that Bali brings, and Wanna Train well & truly saw that when working out here! It’s why we keep going back! Wanna Nest?

Fetch – Canggu

Fetch, a geographic & meteorological term describing the length of water over which a given wind blows, which in turn creates movement. Confused? Don’t worry, the main point behind this awesome name is created by founder & trainer, Israel Llansola. Israel states that without Fetch, there are no waves, therefore more Fetch training, the better your surf becomes. With heart racing 30 minute workouts, Fetch Surf Concept is no laughing matter, from Stronger to Hard Beat to Flow, Fetch really does cover all aspects of surf training. Passion flows into every class, leaving you smiling ear to ear whilst crawling out of the door. Founder Israel, a passionate surfer himself, trains with you every day & in every class, with up to SEVEN per day! Now, if some of you may think that those 30 minute workouts won’t work for you, you better put your surf wax where your mouth is, because Wanna Train has never come across a sweatier class!! With drop in rates of 150k, to monthly memberships & Personal Training options, Wanna Train can’t recommend this little beauty enough. From their stand out concept, to their flashing disco light workouts, to the support given by Israel throughout every workout – especially when we try and take a little break, we can’t wait for you to love it as much as we do! Wanna Surf?

Odyssey MVMT Canggu

Odyssey MVMT, a fitness & yoga concept supporting all your movement dreams with their Go Both Ways outlook, from their Director of Sweats programmed functional fitness vision to Director of Happiness yoga flow vibes, it has become the ultimate go to Canggu studio. With screens directing you through a sweaty 45 minute workout downstairs, whether it be boxing in Strike or HIIT training in Rush, or if you prefer to stretch & flow your way through their signature Soul flow upstairs, Odyssey MVMT really does allow you to go both ways. With a morning or afternoon workout and an arrive any time to sweat time frame, it really does give any wandering adventurer a time that’s right for them. With epic rice paddy views, DJ sunset yoga flows & all the options for coaching, PT AND retreats, Odyssey has something for everyone. Drop in starts from 150k, with various traveller or long term settler options, Wanna Train can’t help but love this shortcut based studio for their already buzzing community. Wanna go both ways?

Empire Fit Club Bali – Kerobokan

The specialists of all things bootcamp, with a space so large it could give the fear to any gym goer who avoids running, but listen to us when we say not to. With its established older sibling based in Jakarta, Empire Fit Club Bali opened its doors in 2018 and it has been buzzing ever since. With Bootcamp weekday workouts at 7am, 9am & 5.30pm, along with Strength at 8:30am, 4:30pm & 6:30pm, not to mention their 9am workout on Saturdays and Sundays, Empire will keep you guessing with what you’ll be working on each and everyday. Expect the unexpected with everything from cardio days, strength or even an obstacle course! Yes, Empire Fit Club is kitted out with its own epic obstacle course, rig, glass walled yoga studio & all the equipment you could need to train well & train hard with! It’s never the same at Empire, which makes the atmosphere exciting at all times, with the coaches supporting you through challenging workouts at every step! Based in Kerobokan, with drop ins at 200k, we couldn’t recommend trying out an Empire bootcamp when you are in need of a training session. Wanna Obstacle?

F45 Seminyak

A concept that originated in Australia, has now spread its wings and made itself global with over 1000 franchises in 36 countries, & has now officially graced Seminyak, Bali with its killer presence! A studio packed with high quality equipment, motivated staff and jampacked daily schedule, F45 is always ready and waiting for you to come & get your sweat on! With a motto of, “Innovation. Motivation. Results.” It’s hard to argue with it, especially when you find yourself gasping for breath during their Saturday Hollywood class, a class that if you don’t book in advance – you’ll find yourself on the outside looking in, wishing you were the one drenched in sweat! Addictive & full of passion and support, Wanna Train is huge fan of F45 Seminyak, so much so that if we find ourselves venturing outside of Bali we are looking for the insta worthy wall and indoor sprint tracks everywhere we go! From killer HIIT training, to weights & cardio sessions – every workout is worth it! With daily drop in passes, week long, month long & a full membership, there are unlimited options for those who base themselves in Bali or just passing through. To add even more toppings to the already delicious F45 cake, they even have 8 week challenges, packed full of nutrition advice, recipes, workouts, support & weigh ins. Make 2019 your best year yet & join the movement!!

Fortitude Bali – Seminyak

Located in the heart of Seminyak, Fortitude, the home to CrossFit Petitinget, invites even the newest CrossFitter in with open arms. With qualified coaches, personal trainers, daily classes from CrossFit, Cardio Burn & Movement and a drop in rate of 280k to full, monthly unlimited memberships starting at 2.4mil IDR, it offers something for all those WOD lovers. Fortitude defines themselves as the determination to be the best you can be when entering their space & we couldn’t agree more! With a fuel bar supplying the smoothie & protein goods, along with that strong caffeine hit, its hard not to start your day off right with a killer class & a Sweet Abs smoothie, whilst secretly hoping somebody tells you that you’ve got sweet abs yourself…The coaches are nothing but fantastic & will support you through those final sand covered sit ups as you ask yourself why you agreed to a 9am Bali beach workout…you have to at least do one! New on the scene, Fortitude has just celebrated their One year Anniversary & we can’t wait to celebrate many years to come with them, from their open space, high quality equipment and welcoming atmosphere, we are pretty sold on that WOD life! Wanna Lift?

CrossFit Seminyak

Grey concrete, black steel & all the feelings of an open aired space with the security and comfort of knowing those Bali rainy seasons won’t ruin your workout. No whiteboards can be found here, only backboard paint & chalked up hands, either from a grueling CrossFit session or from writing up your scores on the wall! Offering something for all fitness levels, CrossFit Seminyak opened its doors less than a year ago with the vision to inspire people to be strong minded & to make everyday a golden opportunity for those who come to get stronger, eat better and live healthier. With four aspects of training: CrossFit, Weightlifting, Bootcamp and Mobility & Movement, CrossFit Seminyak really does offer it all for those who are both new or the ultimate WOD enthusiast. One of Wanna Trains favourtie aspects is that all workouts are uploaded onto their Facebook the day before, so if you’re avoiding those muscle ups, you can take that cheeky ‘rest day’, not that we’d ever promote avoiding those pesky workouts…With drop in rates of 250k, to 10 class passes & longer options available, CrossFit Seminyak really is building a community of likeminded people in their epic space. Wanna WOD?

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