Wanna Personal Trainer?



The fitness industry in Bali is at an all time high, with brand new gyms & studios blossoming all over our tropical paradise & that can only mean one thing…you’ve got no excuse to not stay beach bod ready. When Wanna Train was created we always had in mind to bring you a space where you can connect with others, whether it be fellow training travelers or epic qualified professionals ready to take you to the next level! With the app brimming with both, we decided to make it easy for you to connect with some of our favourite trainers on the island! Never again will you need to dread the gym floor alone or face the crowds of a Saturday WOD, we have brought you 5 trainers that we love & where you can train with them at anytime!

Belda Zando

Wanna Train with someone famous? Well, look no further! Belda, who was once a finalist in Indonesia’s Got Talent, became a Bali based trainer due to a deep set passion and dream to share his techniques and love for teaching in self-defense. With certifications in Mixed Martial Arts & Pencak Silat, an Indoesian Martial Art which incorporates strikes, grappling & even weaponry , a sport close to Belda’s heart! Belda has not only competed in his specialties, but teaches with knowledge, personality & dedication – leaving you not only sweating after class, but smiling from ear to ear. With over 8 years of experience, Belda is continuously driven to create change, witness client transformation & create 1:1 connections, no matter how many are training in his class. Belda welcomes you in with a proud & friendly manner, pushes you to your limits & laughs with you throughout. So…Wanna Pencak Silat?

Fancy training with Belda? Find him at the following locations or connect with him on the app: Bali Martial Arts Acadamy & Dreamsea Canggu.


On holiday or just don’t want to leave the comfort of your own villa? Fear not, Julien is here to ensure you get your sweat on whether at home or on the beach! Julien, a Bali based personal trainer, with over 6 years experience in the training industry, prides himself on being versatile, knowledgeable and supportive. With certifications in Boxing, Muay Thai & MMA, Julien first started his journey when he found joy in the sports he competed in, combined with a drive to then help others achieve their goals. Training with Julien doesn’t just involve a standard training program, Julien ensures every program he creates is personalized with added tools & techniques that will you last you a lifetime. From breathing techniques, injury rehabilitation tools & updated knowledge on the health industry to align with your nutritional needs, Julien will track your progress from start to finish, using measurable & achievable fitness goals.

Want to train with Julien? Find him at the following locations or connect with him on the app: Daily Gym, Bali Fitness Village & Massas Fitness.


A trainer close to Wanna Trains heart & a trainer that will leave you crawling out of Kompact Fitness is Yoni! Owner of Kompact Fitness Bali, Yoni has over 16 years of training experience – yes, you read that right, over SIXTEEN years experience after turning her passion into her work & being an all round boss in the gym! With her PT level 2 qualification, Les Mills Instructor training, TRX certification AND Muay Thai certification, Yoni is a power house in the fitness industry here in Bali! Through motivating in every class & creating an impact both in groups and on a 1:1 basis, Yoni ensures her training sessions are goal orientated, customized & purposeful. Yoni believes that changing peoples lives through training isn’t just in the physical aspect, it goes so much further, her job never stops after a 1:1 or group session with her, Yoni will guide you through your whole journey. Along with this, Yoni believes that we are all in this together & creating life long connections is part of every fitness journey!

Wanna Train with Yoni? Check her out at Kompact Fitness or contact her via the app!


In Bali but yet to hit the beach? Well, now is the time to not only work on the tan but work on that beach body too! Meet Gede, a certified trainer in Boxing, Muay Thai, Les Mills & a Strength and Conditioning Coach, who has been working in the fitness industry for over 9 years! Gede’s passion for sport & fitness transitioned into becoming a trainer after learning that his true passion was in passing on his own fitness knowledge onto others! With a love for helping & supporting his clients into leading healthy lifestyles, Gede founded 2befit Bali, a business providing beach bootcamps around Bali, Personal Training sessions, Muay Thai, Boxing & Yoga! Gede trains hard & trains his clients even harder, finding daily inspiration & creating killer workouts all over Bali!

Wanna Train with Gede? Check him out via 2befit Bali, or connect with him via the app!


Wanna Put em’ up? Well get wrapped up & ready to rumble with Anthony, another killer trainer close to our hearts, who has put us through our paces & left us eager to come back time and time again! Anthony, a Strength & Conditioning trainer, with his first discipline in Muay Thai can be found going round for round at Seminyak based gym, Daily Gym. Not only that, Anthony provides private sessions outside of the gym for those who prefer to train from home! With a passion for fitness, Anthony began his career in fitness in 2014, where he was inspired to take the leap after helping his first client hit her goal before her big day! Anthony’s passion comes from wanting to help others change their lives & their health for the better, whilst living & working in his home country of Bali. Anthony believes that Bali gives you the opportunity to meet so many diverse people, especially whilst he’s training!

So, fancy a few rounds with Anthony? Find him at Daily Gym or connect with him on the app!