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Nov 8, 2018 - Download torrents securely and without speed limitations with KeepSolid. Note: KeepSolid VPN Unlimited does allow torrenting on certain. Let's take a closer look at the top ranked VPNS. They've now moved to offer a full-featured VPN service, but they don't allow torrents. If you do try to download. Let’s come to the main point and check out the best ways to download torrent anonymously. VPN To The Rescue! A Virtual Private Network is the most common and one of the best methods to achieve complete invisibility on the internet.

  1. Torrent Vpn Free Download
  2. Vpn Let Me Download Torrent Download
Are you looking for a free VPN service that allows torrents? There are a few actually free options.
But first we must examine the tradeoffs that come from choosing a 'Free' VPN provider. As with anything else, there's always a hidden cost when you get something for free, and it's important to make sure you know what the other person (the VPN service) is getting out of the deal before you jump in head first.
You should also be aware up front that most of these free VPN services do have some sort of restriction (connection duration, bandwidth, speed, etc). You'll be making compromises. If you aren't totally, completely flat-ass broke, you'll likely be much happier with a quality Zero-log VPN like NordVPN. SPECIAL Offer: Save 75% for a limited time.
It's worth noting that since we first published this guide in 2014, nearly all the 'Free' VPNs we originally featured have either started blocking torrents, or discontinued their free tier altogether. But don't worry, we've found some new options.

Guide Sections:

  1. The best Free VPNs (that allow torrents)

The Dangers of 'Free'

There's no such thing as a 'Free VPN'. Not truly.
Servers cost money. Bandwidthcosts money. Network security experts, advertising, websites, tech support staff and legal fees cost money.
Any VPN provider that gives you free VPN service is paying actual $$$ to provide you with the service, so they must be getting something valuable out of the deal.
Because of this fact, it's crucial that you know who's on the other side of this transaction (Who's providing my VPN service?) and what is their benefit in this trade.
After all, you're using a VPN for security purposes, and you're placing alot of trust in that VPN provider. Since they have complete access to 100% of your data stream through their network, you need to be able to trust them completely.
We list a number of reasons someone might offer you free VPN service. While some are more likely than others, none are completely outrageous. Even the scarier ones can (and probably have) happened.
They may offer you Free VPN Service Because...
  • They hope you'll eventually upgrade to a paid plan (most likely option)
  • They force you to watch advertising to cover the VPN costs (also common)
  • They monitor your internet usage and sell the data to advertisers
  • They're a government agency that wants access to more encrypted data
  • They're a group of hackers, looking to steal your data and possibly your identify.

Specific examples of Free VPNs being dangerous or insecure

You don't just have to take my word for it. In the past 3 years, there have been multiple scandals involving 'free' VPN providers. Here are some of the highlights:
HolaVPN: HolaVPN (which is basically an encrypted browser extension masquerading as a VPN) was reported to be selling user's connections for use in botnet attacks. Yes, really.
Insecure Android VPNs: Researchers did an in-depth analysis of the traffic on many 'Free' VPN apps listed in the google play store. They found that a the majority of them had security flaws (some even contained malware). And a significant number didn't even encrypt your traffic (the entire point of a VPN).

Limitations of Free Torrent VPN's

Even if you can find a reputable VPN provider that offers free VPN service (and allows torrents) you're almost certainly going to face some limitations regarding your VPN usage.
The most common limitations of Free VPN's:
  • Speed - Many free VPN's cap your speed at 1-3mbps
  • Bandwidth usage - You may be limited to a few GB of data/month
  • Logs - Most free VPN's keep logs that can be used to identify individual users based on their activity. It's also quite common to pass that info on to 3rd-parties who request it, or to allow the forwarding of DMCA notices.
  • Servers - you will often be limited 1 or a few server locations. These servers will usually be very crowded.
  • No Torrents - Many VPN's that allow torrents on their paid plans will block them on their free plans.

A 'Better Than Free' VPN Service

NordVPN is our favorite Torrent-Friendly VPN of 2018 (a fact that won't surprise their customers one bit).
Despite being one of the cheapest zero-log VPNs on the market, NordVPN still manages to deliver all the features you want (and some you didn't even realize you want) at an incredible price.
Why you'll LOVE NordVPN:
  • They keep No Logs. Period.
  • They cannot identify individual users based on their activity or assigned IP address even if they wanted to.
  • They specifically allow torrents.
  • Speeds are good
  • They have servers in torrent-friendly countries like Switzerland and The Netherlands.
  • They offer 256-bit VPN Encryption (Military Grade)
  • They allow 6 simultaneous VPN connections from 1 account (enough to share with friends/family)
  • They give you free SOCKS5 proxy service included with any VPN purchase (Works great with uTorrent)
  • And, while their insane 2-year offer still lasts, it's only $3.99/month

Even better news:
Vpn Let Me Download TorrentAll plans come with a 30-day 100% refund guarantee. You can literally try it for a full month.

These are the best 'Free' VPN options we've found

So you're still waiting to see what's behind door #2? I can't blame you. 'Free' is a powerful word.
These are the best available zero-log providers we've found who still offer free plans:
Hide.me VPN (we don't agree with the 'fastest' claim)Hide.me VPN offers both Free and Premimum VPN plans. The premium plan includes unlimited bandwidth and comes with Socks5 proxy service as well. Hide.me states that they keep no logs for either the free or premium plans. Users remain anonymous.
Hide.me gives all users (including free plans) their easy-to-use VPN software that makes it quick and easy to connect to the VPN server of your choice.
The free VPN plan comes with the following limitations:
  • 2GB of data transfer
  • 2 server locations (premium has 23)
  • Slower speeds (premium is unlimited speed)
  • No OpenVPN protocol (you still get PPTP, SSTP, or L2TP)
Windscribe VPN is a Canadian VPN provider that has made a dent in the low-end VPN market. They claim not to keep any logs of activity, and their software is quite good. Windscribe is also one of the last remaining VPNs that works reliably with Netflix without generating the dreaded 'proxy error'. (Hint: NordVPN is another that works flawlessly with Netflix).
Speeds are mediocre even on the paid tiers, probably because they've opted to sell a large number of 'lifetime VPN plans' which end up eating a ton of bandwidth over time without generating any extra revenue.

But the good news is: You can try out their service 100% free, no credit card required. Yipee!
Netflix Compatible: Also, it's worth mentioning that Windscribe has a built-in SmartDNS feature called WindFlix, which is specifically designed to easily access Netflix from anywhere in the world. It works great!
Free Plan Details:
  • Limited to 10 server locations (still pretty good)
  • 'Best-effort' bandwidth (so...slowish).
  • Torrents not specifically forbidden or blocked as far as we can tell!
CyberGhost VPN is a NON-LOGGING VPN provider that offers both free and paid VPN plans.
Their Free VPN option is very popular because you still get unlimited monthly data transfer (most free plans are limited) As a result, Cyberghost is an excellent free choice for private, secure torrents.
2018 UPDATE: Torrent ports are now blocked on Cyberghost Free (torrents are allowed on the paid plans)
The free plan has a few limitations:
  • Slower speeds (Paid plan is up to 5x faster)
  • No mobile VPN app
  • 1 connected device at a time (Paid offers up to 5)
  • Ad supported (you must watch occasional ads)

September 2018 Update: Cyberghost has discontinued their free tier, but introduced a 3-year $2.75/month deal for their paid service. Claim a 100% refund within 30 days.

Other ways to keep your torrents private (besides VPN)

A VPN isn't the only completely free method to hide your torrent activity. As long as you're willing to put up with some really slow speeds, you could try the anonymous p2p network known as i2p.
This protocol is alot like the Tor onion Network, except they welcome torrent traffic (encourage it actually) and don't block magnet links. Even better, it's built right into the Vuze torrent client, so you can enable it with a single click.
Now for the bad news: speeds of 30-50kbps (yes, that's 0.3mbps) are typical. It's slow. (Free tho ;-)
Installation: The Vuze Wiki shows exactly how to install the i2p helper plugin from inside vuze, then you can simply enable the i2p network in vuze from: Menu > Options > Connection > Networks
More Info: There's a great article about i2P (and how to use it for torrenting) at The Tin Hat.
Alright, if you've found a solution you're satisfied with, get to torrenting!
If you're still on the fence about whether to pay up for performance, read on...

Torrent Vpn Free Download

A few more reasons you should use a paid VPN for torrents

Depending on what files you're downloading, torrenting can be a risky proposition. That's why you're looking for a VPN in the first place. When evaluating your options, you should consider the best tools for the job, not just the cheapest (or free-est) options. Here's why...
Reason #1 - Unlimited Everything
As you probably noticed, every free VPN limits something, and usually it comes with alot of limitations. Most VPN's don't even allow torrents to begin with, and only a very small minority of free VPN's allow torrenting.
With the right premium VPN service you'll get:
  • Unlimited monthly data transfer
  • Unlimited speeds (get the most out of your fast broadband connection)
  • No limitations on ports, protocols, or VPN software
Reason #2 - Trust and Accountability
When you pay someone for a product or service, they have a legal obligation to honor their guarantees (privacy, logging policy, security, etc..). You're contract with a free VPN provider, however, is almost completely one-sided, and the free VPN provider usually has little or no accountability to their users.
A premium VPN service (Such as NordVPN or Private Internet Access) has built its entire reputation on protecting the privacy of their users. If they violate they trust just once it could cost them millions of dollars in lost subscriber fees.
A free VPN has no financial incentive to protect their users privacy, so if facing any sort of legal pressure, they will often either cancel your free account and/or violate your privacy and cough up your IP address to whoever's asking.
(If the VPN is truly a non-logging free vpn service, they aren't able to identify your true IP address retroactively, but be aware that there are many VPN's that claim to be 'non-logging' when in fact they do keep connection logs sufficient to identify individual users. This article on VPN logs can explain it even better.
Reason #3 - Premium VPN service is still extremely affordable (if not downright CHEAP!)
Most VPN providers offer month-to-month service at prices starting under $10/month. Some excellent VPN's like PIA or NordVPN, offer VPN service for under $4/month when purchasing a 1-year (or longer) subscription.
Consider these average costs:

Vpn Let Me Download Torrent Download

  • TV + Internet Bill - $100/month
  • Mobile Phone Service - $50+/month (mine is over $100)
  • Netflix subscription - $10/month
  • Starbucks Latte - $5
  • Private Internet Access VPN - $3.33/month
That's right, you can buy security, anonymity, and peace of mind for less than the price of a CUP OF COFFEE!
Does it sound like I'm trying to sell you on NordVPN? I am. I really am. Why? Because I believe in their service.
As a professional VPN reviewer, I get VPN accounts for free whenever I want them, but I actually pay for my annual Nord subscription, and I use it almost daily. It's fast, it's secure, it's anonymous, and it Just. Plain. Works.
Convinced?Take advantage of the NordVPN's $2.75/month offer while it still lasts.
Want more options or information? Check out the articles below. And don't miss our full NordVPN review (and complete torrent setup guide).

MOre Useful Info

When choosing a VPN for torrents, you should always pick one that keeps no logs whatsoever. We put together a list of the best torrent VPN's of 2014 to make your decision a little bit easier.
VPN's are a great option for anonymizing your torrents but sometimes a torrent proxy service is the better solution (depending on your needs). We analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of a VPN vs Proxies for torrents.
Many VPN's claim to be 'Non-Logging' but their are different levels of logging and different types of VPN logs. Click here to learn why logs matter, and which VPNs don't keep any.
If uTorrent or Vuze is you're favorite torrent software we've got the perfect setup guides for you that show you how to set them up for maximum anonymity when using a VPN or proxy. Get our free guides to: Anonymous uTorrent and Anonymous Vuze.
Thanks so much for reading. We hope you found this article helpful. We've love it you shared this article using the social bar on the left. Best of luck in your search for the perfect free VPN for torrenting.

Will using one of the free VPN services out there protect you from getting the nasty letters from Comcast when downloading some movies on TPB using Utorrent?

I’ve read some reviews/articles that say some of the Free VPN’s out there do not work with torrents… this makes me assume that some DO work with torrents/Hide you from trackers?

What is the best Free VPN, or a good one, for someone who wishes to keep downloading movie torrents from TPB, but wants to stop getting threatening letters from Comcast?

Is a VPN even the best solution? (aside from just stopping the activity altogether)

  1. My answer is to use a VPN known for not logging.

    Such as:

    My new favorite https://vpnme.com

    Or others like:

    And read the privacy policy and do some research. VPN's like hma are not for torrents.

    VPN's are now more important than ever with the six strikes being adopted by U.S. ISP's such as Verizon, and Comcast.

  2. Here is the list of Best P2P and top Torrent VPN Providers that help you to download via torrent and share p2p files anonymously. Now you can Access to any Internet resource without restrictions and bandwidth limitation safe, secure and fast with Torrent VPN accounts.

  3. So how can you trust if a VPN does not log...truth is you cant.
    Services like HMA, STRONG, viper, etc all log, if they have your credit card payment on file which as a buisness they have to then thats a form of logging. Best bet is to get a prepaid debit card with cash in the most sketchy place without cameras, then rent a chinese servers which cost like 3 bucks a month. from there you tunnel the traffic through... So no more listening to WOW forums or HAK5 douche bags...

  4. You can find a list of all the best VPN services for bittorrent use at The Best Bittorrent VPN Guide

    I also personally like HMA (hidemyass pro VPN) [Edit: referral code removed]

    • Dude,

      I like how you recommend a VPN for torrents that LOGS and is in a country with required logging. I also find it interesting that your link includes a referrer code for you to make money off your bad advise.

      When I mouse over your HMA link I see /vpn/r9346:9999/ I see where your motives lie.

      I on the other hand truly believe in helping people just like others have helped me. So I would point people to a site like VPNme that actually has NO LOGGING and is based in a country without mandatory logging.

      Note that there is no referrer code in my link. I am not trying to make money off an affiliate program, or post bad information to make a buck like you.

      My Proof before you respond:

      Required Logging for the European Union ( where HMA is based ):

      HMA Freely turns over logs that can tie a user to their traffic:

      So In summary, I would use https://VPNme.com for my torrent and other needs ( as I actually do ) and do the homework on whatever provider you choose.

      Oh yeah. Again no referrer in my link!!!! I am just recommending VPNme because I actually use and like them.

      [EDIT: links removed]

      • Hey,

        I found a promo code for VPNme online.

        The Promo code is: discount55

        Makes the service $4.58 a month on the year plan. I just purchased a year with it instead of the monthly plan I was on.


    • I think it's pretty obvious who is the one doing advertising here. And yes, I did include an affiliate link for HideMyAss, but at least I didn't do it dishonestly. You on the other hand are pretending not to be selling a site for personal gain, but I happen to know you are almost certainly direclty affiliated with (either as owner or employee) of vpnme.com

      While I'm sure we all appreciate the fact that the next poster just so happened to have randomly stumbled upon a coupon code for vpnme.com (how convenient) I would like to make things a bit more transparent for all who read this thread....

      VPNme.com gets less than 500 visitors per day. They are in no way an established vpn and may possibly not even be an authentic vpn. Their marketing method consists of trolling for high-profile bittorrent articles with open comments, and then blasting whoever the last poster was to recommend another VPN. If you want to check VPNme.com's web traffic for yourself, go to http://www.freewebsitereport.org and type in their domain name. Real VPN providers get 10's of thousands of hits per day.

      When I contacted vpnme.com's webmaster (before I saw this comment) they didn't even respond with a professional email, or actual names. I sent them an email to learn more about their service and explore the possibility of reviewing them for my website The Best Bittorrent VPN Guide and their response email was signed 'One of the founders of VPNme.com.' Not even a real name. I'm not sure that's what most vpn's mean when they say they 'take anonymity seriously.'

      If you go to my website, you will see that I actually mention the fact that HideMyAss keeps logs, but the commenter didn't even bother to read my review before blasting me. I like HideMyAss because of the functionality and massive array of servers and IP addresses available. It's not secret that they aren't the most anonymous of VPN's (they famously handed over one of the lulzec hackers who mistakenly thought he was anonymous).

      So while I urge you to consider all sources to find good information regarding the best vpn choices for bittorrent, I would highly advise all reading this to stay away from vpnme.com until they have established themselves as a real, viable vpn option.

      VPN service is not the type of thing where I would want to be an early adopter, and you're likely to be one of the first 100 customers if you sign up. As always, torrent safe!

  5. Here's one:
    For VPN, you can try ( http://www.virtualprivate-network.com/hidemyass-vpnreview/ ), which I found to be fast, reliable, and affordable. Cheapest I've found so far, and I'm using it on my iPhone as well to access Facebook, Twitter apps.

    I don't reallly know how to describe speed, but while connected to vpn, Youtube streaming is also pretty fast. A 3 min video takes about 30 secs to load? I'm able to choose to connect from LA, UK, etc.

  6. finally i feel more confortable during my torrent experience. i am testing one month of use but probably i ll ren2w it for one year. http://vpnpaid.com/hidemyassvpn-review.php

  7. BolehVPN. Not free, but quite affordable. Good speeds usually, never down, can be used for full VPN for all traffic, or tailored to specific programs like uTorrent.

  8. I have been using VPN from Kepard for more than a month. They have a super offer. I had just to create an account through a link which was provided by a friend of mine. So far I'm satisfied with it. In case you get interested just register through this link: http://tinyurl.com/c85uhnu and get 15 days of free VPN, then if you like it just invite another friends of yours and get 30 days of free usage per invite. Just give it a shot. :)

  9. I am using Hotspot Shield Free VPN to hide my ip address and surf anonymously. Its Free. Hotspot Shield VPN conceals your IP address and protects your personal data from hackers, including credit card information, online shopping data, passwords, downloads and instant messages from hackers.

    Check it out here: http://www.hotspotshield.com

    • All very good, but it doesn't protect your torrents (http://torguard.net/checkmytorrentipaddress.php).

      • HotspotShield is a piece of *** & it does snif your traffic and drop affiliates cookies ,wich is mean they steal other affiliate commission
        stay away from it ....

  10. I Use VPNBook, its free and uses OpenVPN which is more secure

    +1 For

    • With a court order they will share their log info.

      • F:

        Your reply is quite funny, do you seriously think torrent use will warrant a court order fast enough? vpnbook automatically delete their logs every 3 days

        next time, read their terms before you post

        • They dont need to have a subpoena , just an order of preservation. Those can go out immediately. The logs are then preserved for whenever they are able to get the subpoena.

  11. i think the original poster left one great FREE service from his list:


    NO software needed to download, no registration required, fast speeds with torrents

  12. You need to consider the log keeping policy of the VPN and the country the company is located in. Also if you live in a country that gives you problems with P2P sharing, then you probably won't want to do any P2P on a local server connection. I doubt any free VPN offers enough speed or bandwidth, so paid is the way to go. I think these are worth taking a look at:

  13. Hidemyass and epxressvpn are best VPN for torrent. here you may find top 5 list. http://www.vpnground.com/blog/torrent-vpn/

  14. i have tried fiew vpn that allow to download torrent files
    Strong VPN is not that good
    there is a website called http://www.vpn-torrent.com wich is allow you to download anything without logs ...
    its a bit expansive compared to the other provider but they connection are encrypted with 2048 bit
    i think its important to be 100 % be anonymous ...

    • Hello, i have subscribe to http://www.vpn-torrent.com newsletter & i receive a 25 % coupon code but i already paid for a yearly subscription....
      you free to use it

    • ProXPN isn't torrent friendly, they have a 3 strike policy then your account is terminated. The speed is good somedays and not so good others.

  15. The free ones suck, try BTGuard

  16. one of best free vpn service is spotflux i use it is very fast and very secure.

    and you can try tunnel bear too that is also nice.

  17. Well in my opinion the absolute best solution is to buy the films!

  18. I've used AceVPN and its a great service. Even for torrents.

    here is some info: http://www.acevpn.com/knowledge-base/protect-privacy-on-p2p-and-torrents/

    You need their Ultimate plan : http://www.acevpn.com/ultimate-vpn-service/

    Good luck

  19. the best vpn for any work is AceVpn go here http://www.avevpn.com but its not free and not cost too much.

    for torrents its not recommend to use vpn instead use Bit torrent plus which provides inbuilt features of your requirement.

  20. Yes this is true that VPN helps and protect you to hide your online identity while downloading stuff from torrent. However, you can read and select the best VPN provider that helps you download stuff by using torrent. Here it is http://www.bestvpnservice.com/blog/best-p2p-torrent-vpn-list-of-top-p2p-torrent-vpn-providers/

  21. You can use cactusvpn as they allow Torrents and P2P allowed on their NL server

    Also they do not store any information except connection logs for troubleshooting.

    You can go for a free 1day trail & check urself

  22. You can try PDProxy VPN. They have very fast servers, and even the demo server is fast. They also have torrent servers as well.

  23. Try tunnelbear...

    • Tunnelbear is great service for anonymous browsing, but I don't think it is suitable for downloading torrent since the free account has bandwidth limit of 500mb per month (well 1GB if you do their tweet promo).

  24. Perry this is what I found out about your problem with Comcast read,

    But if you still want to go ahead and try your luck here are two for you, at your own risk!!

    and this one too http://www.comodo.com/home/download/download.php?prod=comodounite

  25. I have tried a few VPN provider before and i would say StrongVPN is the most stable to use since they have quite a number of server location worldwide.But the package is quite pricey compared to other VPN provider.

    But if you are looking for a cheaper VPN, BolehVPN does the job.Cheap and fast.

    You can checkout here for the VPN provider list : http://www.vpnsp.com/best-vpn.html

    • StrongVPN is not what I'd call torrent friendly.. If your torrents goes under the DMCA copyright shit they may disable your account.

      • True the only torrent-friendly VPNs worth consider are Private Internet Access, TorGuard and Astrill. Here's my review of these VPNs:

    • I used to use HMA until I got a clue and decided to use https://VPNme.com as they do not log and therefore can not turn over any logs.

      With my basic account they let me have two concurrent sessions so that I can have my home router on protecting everything behind it, and my tablet out using hot spots at the same time.

      Unlike many providers, they hav no problem with p2p or rate limits.

      Any provider that ratelimits usage, or has bandwidth plans is LOGGING your connect time, IP and usage. This is how they associate usage to your account, and would have logs.

      https://VPNme.com does not have any usage based plans as this would require logging.

      Everyone that uses a VPN should read their sites privacy policy, and then check out eff.org to see the truth about what countries require logging such as where HMA is based and we have already seen them turn over logs.


      • Laird,

        After seeing your post I switched to https://vpnme.com as well from a uk provider. Thanks for the tip.

        Your reply made me think a little an I would like to share some thoughts for everyone.


        has a bandwidth cap IS LOGGING.

        does not accept bitcoin should not be trusted.

        does not offer a NAT, or Proxy mode is not protecting you.

        wants more than an email, password and payment info for signup should not be trusted.

        is based in a country with data retention requirements (such as HMA which is required to log) should not be used, and is why I switched to https://vpnme.com after having my eyes opened.

        See for yourself:

        Current Status: The EU Data Retention Directive (DRD), adopted by the European Union in 2006, is the most prominent example of a mandatory data retention framework.

        Another interesting link:

        Choose carefully your VPN provider and where they are based if you want to protect your privacy.

        I went with https://vpnme.com/privacy but make your own decisions and just be fully informed. as the old commercial in the US used to say knowledge is power. Or in this thread knowledge is protection.


        • Heck I forgot the best part. switching to https://vpnme.com was CHEAP. they have a xmas special of 3.33 /month on a year plan.

          And state on the front page P2P OK, and Unlimited BW.

        • Bobby,

          Thanks for the tip!

          I just signed up for https://vpnme.com. I can't believe how fast it is, and that they give you every protocol for the one low price.

          Thank you for sharing,


        • Hey if anyone cares, I signed up for a Month with https://vpnme.com after seeing this thread as I missed the xmas special. Their service has been fast and reliable for me so far.

          I just converted to a year after I found this promo code online for vpnme.com the promo code is discount55 not sure how long it is good for as it is not advertised on their site.

          It makes their personal plan with two connections 4.58 monthly.

          Just thought I would share after searching online for awhile to find a promo code.

    • The best (and most anonymous VPN's for bittorrent) are:

      Private Internet Access (No logs, $3.33/month)

      IBVPN(No logs, $3.08/month)

      Torguard(No logs, $4/month)

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