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Slow Motion Downloads - Royalty Free Stock Video. Slow motion 120 fps. Freedom concept. Super slow motion steadicam video of runner's feet on sandy riverside. Free Download Free Download. What Make This Slow Motion Software Outstanding. Step 1: Launch the Slow Motion Video Editing Software Download the latest version of Filmora Video Editor on your computer. After successful installation, Double click on the program and run it, here you will be asked to select the screen size for your project.

Super Slow Motion Video Software

With minumum operations, you can make awesome video Best of all, it's completely free slow motion video app. Delete video from app and search new slow motion video by using search functionality. How To Create Buttery Smooth GoPro Slow Motion Videos [2018 Update] Home / GoPro / How To Create Buttery Smooth GoPro Slow Motion Videos [2018 Update]. Lastly but not least, import your clip into any video editing software and slow it down to 24,25 or 30 fps. Let me know if this helps. Top 10 slow motion video players. Slow motion videos are created using different software and the output video is larger than the original video, so, in other words, the FPS of the slow motion video is less than original videos. One of the oldest and free media players to play slow motion videos on Mac and Windows is the VLC.

SloPro records video with the option to play back or save in slow motion. The app integrates a number of features including variable slow motion, sound FX, brightness locks, and more, so you can get the perfect video at whatever speed you want. While it works well for its main purpose, it lacks enough other video editing options to be a permanent replacement for your current editing tools.

When you open SloPro you can start recording right away or you can change how slow it records, with options for 25 percent, 40 percent, and 50 percent slower. There is a sound effects option, as well that is automatically turned on but can be turned off with the flip of a button. After recording any video, you can play it back at full speed or the chosen slower speed, then you can save it, store it, and share it with other users. Once a video is recorded, you can edit it, as well, changing the speed, adjusting speed at different points in the video, and exporting for sharing on YouTube, Facebook, or Viddy.

Every feature listed above is included in the free version of SloPro, and they all work quite well. While any video can be slowed down later, SloPro gives you a huge number of options for recording and editing that content directly in an app and then exporting it for immediate viewing. If you want to create slow motion videos on your iPhone or slow down one or more parts of a video you've already recorded, download SloPro.

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IfyouownaSamsungGalaxyS5,youmusthaveheardthatthephonehasthefeatureofcapturing slow-motionvideo.However,ifyouarenewtoSmartphoneanddonothaveanyideaonhowtoCaptureUltra-SlowMotionVideoOnGalaxyS5, donotworry.Inthispost, we will share step-by-step guide.

CaptureUltra-SlowMotionVideoOnGalaxy S5

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StepstoCaptureUltra-SlowMotionVideoOnGalaxy S5

First, youneedtodownloadanimportantappinordertoallowyourSamsungGalaxy S5 tocaptureslowmotionvideos. TheappisavailableonSamsungAppstore,soitcanbedownloadeddirectlyfromthere.Afteryouhavedownloaded,youneedtotweaksomethingsunderthephone’ssettingssothatyourGalaxy S5 canshootvideosat1/8speed.


> DownloadtheSamsungapponyourphonebytappingtheModebuttonwhichislocatedatthebottomleftcornerofthephone’sscreen.ScrolldowntoreachtheendofthelistofmodesandtouchDownloadoption.

> UnderSamsungAppstore,youwillfindSequenceShot,andthentouchInstall > Access > Download.

Slow Motion Software For Pc

> AftertheSequenceShotisinstalled,launchthecameraappinordertoenablesequenceshotunderSettings.NowyoushouldbeabletoCaptureUltra-SlowMotionVideoOnGalaxyS5.

Herearesometipstocapturehigh-qualityvideos.AsyourGalaxy S5 nowwillcapturevideosat 15 framesperseconds,sothesubjectshouldbecoveredwithamplelight.Thisprincipleistruewithmostofthecamerasthatthereshouldbeperfectlightningwhenshootingslowmotionvideos.

Whenyouuseslowmotion,videoswillbelimitedto 10 seconds.Afteryoureachthe10-secondmark,thephonewillprocessthevideoautomatically.

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