Top 5 Pre & Post workout pick me ups!



We’ve heard that abs are made in the kitchen, and whilst we were searching for these ab making kitchens we found some epic pre & post workout pick me ups to keep you fuelled & healthy! Whether you’re one to train fasted, feeling well fed or need to eat as soon as you’ve trained to keep that hanger at bay, Wanna Train has narrowed it down to five epic eateries, smoothie bars & cafes! Through ‘gritted teeth’, we have tried & tested coffee spiked smoothies, plant based juices & gigantic protein shake happy hours! It’s all about planning your training around your eating…right? So, Wanna Eat?

Fortitude Bali Fuel Bar

In the hub of Seminyak, Fortitude CrossFit not only provides top quality CrossFit & strength based sessions by epic staff, they even have the ultimate smoothie & coffee bar based inside their studio! Gone are the days of making your own coffee for a quick pre-workout, Fortitudes Fuel Bar is open before the workouts even begin! From Bulletproof coffee, to Cold Brew to even a fancy Vanilla Latte, Nut Mylk options and even a choice of 3 syrups to sweeten up your session! Not much of a coffee drinker? Fear not! Fortitudes Fuel Bar has you covered with eight of the most delicious smoothies, our favourite being the Berry Good and the Sweet Abs, because it gets you abs, so we’ve heard anyway! Wanna feel Whey cooler? Well Fortitude have an ample supply of True Protein, from Whey Isolate, Concentrate, Vegan & Hemp – add it to any smoothie, spike your coffee with it and watch those gains roll on in! Looking for more sustenance? Fortitude even supplies Pure Fit protein bars! So grab a smoothie & hit up a workout with Fortitude! Wanna CrossFit?

Bali Bowls & Smoothies

Found tucked away on a Berawa corner, a stones throw away from the beach & a quick scooter ride, or jog, from Canggu Nest and S2S CrossFit, lives Bali Bowls & Smoothies! With two Canggu locations, one in Ibiza, and one found in one of the hottest gyms in Dubai, we couldn’t miss out on giving you the lowdown to what Bali Bowls & Smoothies has to offer for you fitness fanatics! Other than the fact you can grab 10% off with your WT profile, it’s open from 7am AND has a menu FULL of healthy eats & treats! From their delicious fresh juices, packed with all the vitamins to re-fuel you after a solid surf, to our fave Coco-Nutty smoothie with added chocolate protein! Drool! Dine in or take away, you can stock up on all the healthy bowls, whether you’re a sweet or savory kind of person, they have something for you! Wanna count your macros? Bali Bowls & Smoothies have only gone and created a menu that has been made for those pre & post workout requirements to keep you full, satisfied & on track!! Bali Bowls & Smoothies not only does take out, they’ll even deliver right to your door!! And rumor has it that they even deliver those post workout shakes straight to Canggu Nest…Wanna Bowl?


It’s all in the name & KYND is pushing to bring Kyndness into the world with their fully plant-based menu and totally instagrammable location! KYND is all about showing the world that veggies don’t have to be boring & their menu is full of colour with delicious eats & treats! From their Detoxifying & Tropical Vibes filled Juices to their Passionate love & Squashed Iced Coolers all the way to their Morning Fuel bowls & Paradise Pancakes, Wanna Train really does love this little Seminyak beaut for our post-workout fuel up! Open from 6am through to the evening where they serve up dinner AND cocktails, there really is so much more to KYND that meets the eye. If you aren’t much of sweet tooth person, give their Gourmet Toast or gigantic Salad Bowls a try, everything from Cheeken, cauliflower fried rice or their statement Kynd Big Mac! Whether you’re catching up with friends, goal planning or just smashed a sweaty workout in Seminayk, KYND is the go to Vegan hangout for everybody. P.S. It even has its own creamery & because its Vegan, the calories don’t count…right? Wanna be Kynd?

Odyssey MVMT Café

The hottest place on the Canggu Shortcut, whether venturing from Berawa or Batu Bolong, Odyssey MVMT is fueling mind, body, spirit & stomachs daily! With a wholesome belief in action, adventure and results, Odyssey encourages respect on three levels – for ourselves, our community and our environment, creating a space that you never want to leave! Grab yourself a pre-workout coffee fix, a chilled coconut water post yoga or fill up on one of their delicious menu items! From Smoothies & Smoothie Bowls, delicious green juices & Avo Toast your way, we can’t find fault in Odyssey MVMT’s whole concept! Whether you’ve just finished a killer Strike session, or Soul Flow, or even found yourself on a Shortcut walk, everyone is welcomed in with the biggest smiles, a sense of community and the occasional dad joke to wash all Odyssey has to offer down with! In a hurry & don’t have time to sit and chat, but desperately in need of that caffeine hit? Well, Odyssey has you covered with their supply of Revolv cups, a reusable cup with a deposit system that you can pick up in one place and drop off at another! Wanna join a conscious community on the Shortcut?

Motion Café

If you live in Canggu, lift weights & haven’t heard of Motion Café, then do you even live in Bali? Located on the bustling street of Batu Bolong lives Motion Café, which has got one of the best & busiest locations in the Gu! Packed from morning till night with avid digital nomads, fitness fanatics & health conscious travelers, it’s the dream for all dietary requirements & flavour seekers! Whether you’re looking for a quick fix with all the avo toast options one could imagine, have a sweet tooth with their protein pancakes or sweet potato waffles topped with nutella and banana (YUM), or want to create your own plate with every option imaginable, they have got you covered! Wanna know our inside tip & our favourite post workout hit? It’s all about their daily GIANT Protein Shake (600ml) happy hours from 2-5pm for only 30k!! Choose from Chocolate or Vanilla whey or vegan, change up your milk, add ice & if you’re feeling adventurous, add a topping or two! And if all this isn’t enough to secure your fitness fix, then listen up – Motion Café also do home delivered meal plans, have their products in numerous Bali based gyms AND can be found on GO-JEK! Staying healthy has never been easier! Wanna Motion?

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