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The Internet Purple Ladies Album Download

The debut LP from Odd Future DJ Syd tha Kid and her OFWGKTA cohort Matt Martians mixes neo-soul, experimental jazz, and funk but lacks the collective's usual take-no-prisoners confidence.

'When I first started really fucking with Odd Future heavy, my dad was like, 'Really? They talk about some crazy shit and as a female, you're slapping a lot of other females in the face.' I'm like, 'That's what I do. I slap bitches, Dad.' That's Sydney Bennett talking from the backseat of a van during an MTV interview. Bennett, whose stage name is Syd tha Kyd, comes up often from Odd Future defenders. As the only female member of the otherwise testosterone-fueled OFWGKTA and one of the few openly gay figures in the hip-hop community, she's often cited as proof that the collective can't possibly be as hateful in practice as all that anti-gay, anti-female lyrical violence portends.

Syd maintains a low-profile but powerful role within the collective, producing beats and offering up her parents' home for the boys to record in. Though she stands tranquilly behind the decks during the group's live gigs, her presence is commanding-- try watching her as she menacingly nods along to the beat and slowly raises her middle finger over her head without getting chills. But as a side act dubbed the Internet, alongside Odd Future member Matt Martians, that take-no-prisoners, 'I slap bitches, Dad' confidence is absent. On one hand, that's the logical result of a bona fide badass showing her soft side, dipping her toes into sounds gentler than anything else in the Odd Future catalog. But Purple Naked Ladies is frustratingly flat regardless of Syd and her cohort's reputations-- it comes off as a demo reel of an act that's still fiddling with what sounds right and what doesn't.

Ravens Purple Ladies

Think 'Odd Future R&B side project' and you're bound to imagine the velvety slink of Frank Ocean's 'Novacane'. But Purple Naked Ladies leans more heavily toward neo-soul, experimental jazz, and funk than anything else. At its brief best-- during its final three songs-- the album recalls Baduizm-era Erykah, soulful and patient and poetically narrative-driven. 'Fastlane', for example, pairs a steady boom-bap backdrop with Syd's featherlight singing voice as she creates a four-minute metaphor out of love and car traffic.

The album's backend is a welcome respite from the awkward instrumental clutter that bogs down too much of the record. Too much here demands fast-forwarding, from the hollow instrumental opener 'Violent Nude Women' to 'C*nt', which strikes an ear-perkingly rich note for all of a few seconds before dissolving into an overcrowded mess. Lacking in songwriting muscle, many of these songs sound simultaneously thin and cluttered. As debuts go, it's primarily a failure of editing-- an EP of tightened versions of the record's best cuts would have packed a stronger first punch.

Purple Naked Ladies isn't going to do much for you if you closely follow the genres it dabbles in. Like many spinoffs from the Odd Future machine, it's a small piece of a larger puzzle, useful for obsessives concerned with keeping their catalogs up to date. In that sense, it's also a reminder that Odd Future is about strength in numbers, functioning best as a gaggle of goony characters instead of individual breakout stars in the making (excepting Tyler, of course). That's okay for now-- those boys would be hard-pressed to fill Syd's spot if she took off on her own.

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As the Internet released their debut album digitally at the end of 2011, this dreamy, dark duo benefitted from their relationship with the controversial hip-hop crew Odd Future, just on mentions in the press. It's beneficial, as Purple Naked Ladies is actually a diminutive and often humble album that easily drifts into the background, even with a flippant treatment of 'Cocaine' (here, a metaphor for hot sex rather than a life-ruining drug) and song titles like 'Violet Nude Women' or 'C*nt.' Think Portishead, '80s, atmospheric Michael Mann soundtracks, sexy loft music, neo-neo-soul, and Georgia Ann Muldrow all mixed together for a new brand of trip-hop that really lives up to that genre's title. Vocalist/rapper Syd the Kyd is the perfect Odd Future siren, sounding breathy, poetic, and even caustic when she needs to, capturing the black widow spirit on the enchanting kiss-off 'Web of Me,' and sounding like a stoned kind of elegant on the futuristic 'Fastlane.' The polished and humble creations from producer Matt Martians suggest he's the Odd Future affiliate most likely to score a car commercial, but as slick and instantly gratifying as his constructions are, they're just as deep, pulling influence from everything from Timbaland to Cornelius, from Art of Noise to Blue Note. Sounds delicious, but before considering the album as a date night soundtrack, consider the Kyd's ability to deliver depravity in a Julie London style, and that the manic main character of 'She Dgaf' shaves off all her hair to find freedom from 'the struggles she was raised with.' Still, these damaged goods and broken people are layered and their situations are worldly, things the Internet's cohorts don't often offer. Turns out Odd Future benefits greatly from this duo anchoring their wild universe, as Purple Naked Ladies is one of the collective's more sensual and sensible releases to date. File them between MellowHype and Frank Ocean, or better yet, consider this purposeful act on their own.


The Internet Purple Ladies Album Download Youtube

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The Internet Purple Ladies Album Download 2017

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