Technology Changing the Fitness Industry in 2020




As we begin to fully immerse ourselves in a more advanced technological society, more and more people are turning to products such as monitors, wearables and data driven technology to enhance their fitness experiences. Consumer appetite demonstrates the direction of this trend is largely based on convenience, self-gratification and our social disposition. Simplistic information such as body weight no longer satisfies our cognitive curiosity.


So where is fitness technology going and is there a place for social elements in the current climate of the fitness technology industry? For Wanna Train, blending the technological and the social is a combination that works seamlessly well together. We have seen over time apps adapt and pivot to encourage the vastly expanding personal training industry. However, there is also an ever-increasing percentage of Australians who participate in non-sport related physical activity – in fact, there are over 11.9 million nationwide. At Wanna Train we believe this demographic is waiting for a platform that interactively connects active people to like-minded people. With the fitness app market likely to reach a total value of $14.7B US dollars by 2026, it is only a matter of time before a platform like Wanna Train changes the way people share fitness experiences.


So, what is Wanna Train (WT) and what can it do?

Wanna Train is a digital ecosystem connecting fellow gym members, friends, and others nearby all in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re looking to snap and share a photo, network on similar training techniques, or simply stay in touch with other passionate fitness enthusiasts, WT creates a unique space that is changing the way people make healthy connections.



With a swipe of your finger you can invite, meet, and train with people in your area based on your interests and passion to stay fit and healthy. Scroll through profiles and swipe up to make a connection. The app takes away the hard work of finding a training partner.



WT unites fitness enthusiasts together regardless of their chosen interests. Post a selfie, share your weight loss journey, or publish a cool workout with a photo sharing platform made for fitness.



WT lets you start the conversation before you train! Set goals, find a training location, and make a time that works for you both.



Need some guidance? Look through the Instructor Directory to help you find qualified and reviewed trainers, instructors, and wellness coaches in your local area. Book and pay for trainers through our safe and supported payment gateway. Finding and selecting an instructor has never been so easy with the convenience of WT.


It’s never been easier to ask someone near you – WANNA TRAIN?