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Super Mario Maker (full gamerip)

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Album name: Super Mario Maker (full gamerip)
Number of Files: 93
Total Filesize: 177.58 MB
Date added: Oct 5th, 2015
Released on: Nintendo Wii U

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Song NameMP3
BGM_100MarioMap0:331.26 MB
BGM_100MarioMapExpert0:331.26 MB
BGM_100mario_staffroll_easy0:210.79 MB
BGM_100mario_staffroll_normal0:271.02 MB
BGM_CourseListScene1:122.74 MB
BGM_Hae1_BassPlus1:243.22 MB
BGM_Hae21:032.41 MB
BGM_HaeBoss_A1:233.17 MB
BGM_HaeBoss_B1:112.71 MB
BGM_MarioKartStar0:180.69 MB
CharaMario_MahjongTile_ron0:090.36 MB
CharaMario_MahjongTile_tsumo0:060.24 MB
DarubuccaLoop1:160.58 MB
M1_BGM_Airship_Play2:265.58 MB
M1_BGM_Airship_PlayHurry1:012.33 MB
M1_BGM_Castle_Play1:253.24 MB
M1_BGM_Castle_PlayHurry0:301.13 MB
M1_BGM_Ending0:140.55 MB
M1_BGM_Ground_Play3:067.08 MB
M1_BGM_Ground_PlayHurry2:074.84 MB
M1_BGM_HauntedHouse_Play3:117.30 MB
M1_BGM_HauntedHouse_PlayHurry1:052.48 MB
M1_BGM_Muteki0:200.76 MB
M1_BGM_Muteki_Hurry0:200.75 MB
M1_BGM_Secret0:391.50 MB
M1_BGM_Secret_Hurry0:291.12 MB
M1_BGM_UnderGround_Play3:328.08 MB
M1_BGM_UnderGround_PlayHurry0:271.02 MB
M1_BGM_Water_Play1:544.36 MB
M1_BGM_Water_PlayHurry0:491.86 MB
M1_DownFanfare0:030.11 MB
M1_GameOver0:040.16 MB
M3_BGM_Airship_Play2:125.03 MB
M3_BGM_Airship_PlayHurry1:343.60 MB
M3_BGM_BonusStage0:281.05 MB
M3_BGM_BrosBattle_Hurry0:371.40 MB
M3_BGM_Castle_Play1:323.52 MB
M3_BGM_Castle_PlayHurry0:441.69 MB
M3_BGM_Cloud_Hury_160:260.99 MB
M3_BGM_EndingDemo10:321.22 MB
M3_BGM_EndingDemo20:341.31 MB
M3_BGM_Ground_Play1:594.55 MB
M3_BGM_Ground_PlayHurry0:562.13 MB
M3_BGM_HauntedHouse_Play2:546.62 MB
M3_BGM_HauntedHouse_PlayHurry1:082.60 MB
M3_BGM_KoKoopa_Hurry_160:441.67 MB
M3_BGM_Muteki0:160.63 MB
M3_BGM_Shopping0:491.86 MB
M3_BGM_Shopping_Hurry0:341.29 MB
M3_BGM_Star_Hurry0:140.55 MB
M3_BGM_UnderGround_Play1:273.32 MB
M3_BGM_UnderGround_PlayHurry1:002.30 MB
M3_BGM_Water_Play1:574.48 MB
M3_BGM_Water_PlayHurry1:022.37 MB
M3_BossBattle0:421.60 MB
M3_CourseClearFanfare20:030.13 MB
M3_KokoopaBattle0:471.79 MB
M3_PlayerDown0:030.12 MB
M3_WorldClearFanfare0:070.26 MB
MW_BGM_BonusStage1:142.81 MB
MW_BGM_BonusStageClear0:030.12 MB
MW_BGM_BonusStage_Hurry_161:052.48 MB
MW_BGM_CastleClearFanfare0:100.39 MB
MW_BGM_CourseClearFanfare0:100.36 MB
MW_BGM_Ending20:180.68 MB
MW_BGM_Kokoopa1:453.99 MB
MW_BGM_KokoopaBattle_hurry1:343.57 MB
MW_BGM_Muteki0:240.91 MB
MW_BGM_PlayerDown0:030.13 MB
MW_BGM_Pswitch_hurry0:271.05 MB
MW_BGM_Star_hurry0:190.73 MB
MW_BGM_Switch0:240.91 MB
SE_CourseClearFilter0:060.22 MB
SE_Hae_ClearFanfare_Boss0:070.28 MB
SuperMario64_MetallicMario1:022.35 MB
SuperMario64_PowerfulMario0:511.93 MB
WU_BGM_Boss_fast_lr2:125.02 MB
WU_BGM_STAR0:271.03 MB
yr_DRAMA_MarioFall_010:120.46 MB
yr_DRAMA_MarioFall_020:210.82 MB
yr_DRAMA_MarioFall_030:210.80 MB
yr_DRAMA_MarioFall_040:200.77 MB
yr_DRAMA_MarioFall_050:260.99 MB
yr_DRAMA_MarioFall_060:261.00 MB
yr_DRAMA_MarioFall_070:230.88 MB
yr_DRAMA_MarioFall_080:281.09 MB
Total:1h 18m178 MB


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Submitted by MarioFriend64
Rating: 8/10
It's a great soundtrack, but, um... Where's the main theme?

Submitted by epixwagger
Rating: 5/10
Great soundtrack, clean rips, just wish the names could've been a bit clearer.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10
New game, new soundtrack... Mario has grown so much!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10
Nice rip, the only thing to fix now is the names.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10
Contains a majority of the tracks from the game. Needs more of them thougj. Overall quaility is great.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10
Some tracks from SMW or NSMBU are missing

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 3/10

Submitted by Extremmefan
Rating: 7/10
> is titled 'full gamerip'
> doesn't have Title Screen song
That aside, it's almost full.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 1/10
there isnt even the normal mario maker song lol

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 6/10
No Airship themes for Super Mario World... need more hard work!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10
Where is the OST????

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10
I love it all but the only thing missing that really concerns me is that the main theme isnt present to this album...

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10
I actually own the Nintendo 3ds form of the game. I score this soundtrack for a whopping 100/100 ten times higher than a 10 for 10 .

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10
it would be perfect if there's main theme too, that aside still a great collection.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 6/10
Not all song are on here such as the WU Castle theme.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 2/10

Submitted by Gatito Lindo
Rating: 9/10
where are the new super mario bros. U, soundtracks? the ground, underground, castle? because, you can find other music somewhere i mean, super mario bros, 3, and world. . but this is a good soundtrack

Submitted by UserNane193
Rating: 8/10
Where are the Edit Themes? Although the rest is good, some of it doesn't kinda belong, because you can find it in the original games.

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