Rolex Submariner Serial Number Lookup

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Serial numbers on rolex

How To Find Your Rolex Serial Number & The Year. The information on most older Rolex Watches is engraved between the lugs on the watch body. ROLEX BLUE/PURPLE SUBMARINER TWO-TONE 40MM AUTOMATIC WRIST WATCH $6,400.00. Antique Rolex 1940’s 18K Yellow Gold Citrine Diamond Watch $5,500.00. Below we explain what each part of a Rolex serial number means and how to establish authenticity of your watch. Starting in the 1920's Rolex began the practice of stamping all of their watches with serial numbers. In 1950's, the serial numbers reached 999, 999 mark and the count was restarted from 100,001. Rolex Serial Numbers & Production Dates. In 2005, Rolex began engraving the serial number on the rehaut (French for. Submariner (no date), 55 & 140. Sport models like the Submariner 16610 received the engraved rehault in 2006/2007 during the late Z serial number issues. And in 2010, beginning with the late V serial numbers, Rolex serial numbers began to disappear from the 6 o’clock lug, and on current models the serial number can only be found on the rehault. The Rolex serial number of a watch is stamped between the lower lugs, where the bracelet is held in place. Up until the end of 1972, the ‘quarter’ of manufacture and year could also be found stamped inside the case back (eg iii 65 for 3rd quarter of 1965).

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Rolex Submariner Serial Number

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Rolex Search By Serial Number

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