Pokemon Sapphire Save File Gba Download

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  1. Pokemon Sapphire Save File Gba Download For Windows
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Pokemon – Sapphire Version. Gameboy Advance. General Consensus.

Pokemon Sapphire Save File Gba Download For Windows

The pokemon sapphire game for game boy advance has an internal battery. If this battery runs down, you lose certain features of the game and you will get messages on the screen complaining of a dead battery. The battery is not really meant to be a user replaceable item but if you have a soldering iron and a little soldering experience it isn't too bad. Do be aware though that you have to be a little careful as you can damage the game. If you have worked on circuit boards before it isn't bad but if not, you may wish to practice soldering and desoldering a little on something else first. Please note that one reader has commented 'you can lose your save data'. I do not have sufficient data to confirm or deny that so I'm putting it out there as a warning. I am not sure if the data is saved in flash memory or if it relies on the battery fully to preserve the save data.

You will need:

Pokemon Sapphire Save File Gba Download

Pokemon Sapphire Free Download

- tri-wing screwdriver for removing the cover
- CR1616 replacement battery with solder tabs (Batteries Plus carries the battery and will put the solder tabs on for you). Note, it appears that amazon also now carries CR1616 with the tabs on it already.
- soldering iron and a small amount of electrical use (NOT plumbing use) solder
- desoldering wick
- tweezers, needle nose pliers, or a toothpick
- old scissors (you will trim some thin metal so leave your sewing scissors in your sewing table!)

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