Personal Trainers – Wanna hit the ground running in January



As we approach the end of the year, we often see a lot of personal trainers take a relaxed approach to all things fitness – including both goals and with their business activities.


So, the question is should you treat this time of year differently? And if so, why?


How you manage your business, time and resources over the festive period is entirely down to you, but some will argue that there is an approach that might assist you to stand out from your competitors during this pivotal period and into the new year.


For most people, December is prime time to get everything ready and help set themselves up for a strong start to the new year. As for personal trainers we all know that January is the peak season to pick up new clients. New years’ resolutions are out in force, and if you are doing the leg work early in December you place yourself in a stronger position to capitalise come January 1 the following year.


What Steps can you take to ensure your January gets off to a strong start?

Have a sound plan – know how you are going to approach new clients when they contact you.

Increase your exposure on social media – post quality information showcasing your work and be present to answer peoples’ questions.

Create some targeted ‘call to action’ adverts online with high brand exposure. You want people to see your name constantly, so when they are ready to commit, your brand is prominent in their minds.

Utilise the Wanna Train app for bookings, payments and exposure to thousands of fitness enthusiasts within your local area.

Offer discounts, Buddy PT packages, small group training discounts and more.

Ensure your contact details are presented in a clear and accurate manner.

Create a website or write a blog to help increase traffic and attention within your marketplace.


As a business owner or manager, we know that getting new clients to commit is one of the hardest steps to achieve. So, entice people with introductory offers and make sure your onboarding process is seamless. Don’t over complicate the membership costs but do set up a ‘set and forget’ payment system that doesn’t require additional work from your customer.


An important part of December and January is enjoying time with your family so find that work /life balance. It’s common to go into work overdrive sometimes and miss out on the important things. Spend time with your family, spend time with friends, take time off and go on a vacation. These are also aspects that will ensure your return in January is stress free and you are recharged and ready for a new year.


Ultimately, December shouldn’t be treated lightly. If anything, increase your efforts in the early part of December and you will enjoy your holiday knowing you are headed into the new year with a book full of new clients.