Intel 7260 Bluetooth Controller Driver

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On Ubuntu 14.04 32bit, after some up-time my wireless card stops working. Sometimes it helps to stop WiFi in the nm-applett (at the top right corner) and restart it to get a new connection to my WiFi, but mostly this doesn't help anymore - you have to reboot to use the card again.

I had this at several different locations so it was definitely a problem with my card.

The kernel at the moment:

My guess is that the wireless power save option that is set by powertop might cause some problems, so I added this to my /etc/rc.local so the end part looked like this:

  1. Getting the Bluetooth on an AC 7260 to work. Ask Question 1. I installed the Bluetooth driver from Intel's website as well (wireless card and bt drivers are separate) Turn wifi off and on again (F12) Then my Bluetooth's back. I paired it with my bt headset with no problem.
  2. This package contains the Bluetooth driver for Intel 8265, 8260, 7265 (D0), 7265 (C0), 3165, 7260, and 3160 wireless and Bluetooth cards. Bluetooth driver is the software that helps your operating system to communicate effectively with Bluetooth devices.

Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 bluetooth but no wifi. Thread starter Anthony_F. Along with the driver for the Lan Ethernet; shut down the computer; reinstall the Intel AC 7260 and install the Intel driver. Somehow that got the Intel AC 7260 working. Some systems that had a older wireless card use a on off controller switch on the.

once I disabled that option again, the wireless card seems to work better, but not all the time.

When in the crashed state and if I try to re-enable WiFi in the nm-applet I get this error in /var/log/syslog:

I collected some data with the help of this answer:

If I look for locate 7260 grep -i wifi, I find the same module /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-7260-8.ucode. It doesn't use the latest drivers from because the iwlwifi-7260-9.ucode is not supported yet.)

How can I fix this problem on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro? Maybe it is possible to reload the kernel module somehow to re-enable it with a script if it died?

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You need to disable the power management and possibly the 802.11n extension. These changes worked for me.

For the power management create a file in

with the following content

and make it executable:

To disable the 11n extension, try the following

You need to reboot after those changes. Running iwconfig should show:


What definitely worked for me was to upgrade to one of the latest kernel from


Please check for errors or clues in the log:

It appears that the -8 firmware is loading. You may have better luck with the -9.

Hopefully, you will have:

If so, back up the -8 version:

Reboot and check for messages:

Do you connect? Is it stable?

Intel 7260 Bluetooth Not Working

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None of the other solutions solved the problem, and recently, I found out, that this is a hardware problem:

When I carry around my laptop it usually shakes, and bends a bit, this is causing the faiure!

I can provoke the fail by bending the bottom of the screen a bit to the back on one side and pull to the front on the other side. not strong, just a tiny bit without hurting the device.


After some tries, the Wifi card dies.

The same problem on my gaming Windows partition.

So the solution is only to put the device in a safe place and don't change the angle of the screen, then the Wifi Card will stay active without problems.

Maybe it is caused by the Aux and Main connectors touching the case, when you bend it, the Wi-Fi card is located on the left side, just above the battery:

I tried to replyce the wifi card with this guide:

Intel 7260 wifi driver

But I found out that the problem is not the WiFi card itself, but it is the long part of the motherboard next to it. Whenever you slightly press on that platine, the WiFi card dies.

So I will try to buy a small USB card now and meanwhile I will be cautious that I do not press too hard on the bottom of my laptop .

Intel Ac 7260 Bluetooth Driver


Intel 7260 Bluetooth Controller Driver Windows 10

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I'm using a Mini-ITX motherboard with an Intel 7260 Mini-PCI card (Wireless AC + Bluetooth 4) and since upgrading to Windows 10 Bluetooth has stopped working: no icon near the clock, no Bluetooth section in device manager. It is however working fine for Wifi.

The only thing that looks out of place is a single device in Device Manager listed as 'Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)' but I'm not even sure that's it.

I've downloaded the latest Windows 10 Bluetooth drivers from Intel for the card and ran that installer but still no change. Windows always just shows the device up again with the same name when uninstalled and scanned for.

This is a common card and I'm pretty sure I have the same one in both my laptop and other ITX machine, both on Windows 10.

Anyone have any ideas?

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