I Am What I Am 1967 Full Movie Download Torrent

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I Am What I Am 1967 Full Movie Download Torrent Hd

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I am what i am 1967 full movie download torrent full
  • ULA ZUHRA's rating of the film I Am Curious—Yellow


    Nyman is absolutely stunning, I loved everything about this film.

  • soiwaswrong's rating of the film I Am Curious—Yellow


    It's like watching a modern day Godard because of those political discussions, but what makes it much better is that you can easily understand what the issue is because of the documentary-ish style on some parts unlike those very technical lines of Godard which sometimes becomes so pretentious.. But don't get me wrong because I'm a huge Godard fan!!!!

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film I Am Curious—Yellow

    Wee Hunk

    Not sure why this got a Criterion release. It's hard to watch now in our current context unless you lived during that time or cared about those issues. Most people just skip over the politics and go straight for the sex.

  • Supamodu's rating of the film I Am Curious—Yellow


    The film is best known for its transgressive sex scenes but I love it because it never ages. It’s the ultimate liberal hipster portrait/satire the events of which could happen in any Western country today (I Am Curious (Pink Hat)). Dreams of castrating rightists and yoga in the nude? I mean… Lena Nyman did it all before Lena Dunham.

  • Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film I Am Curious—Yellow


    I Am Curious is a unique little film that exists in two versions, Yellow and Blue, two films highly recognized for their influence in the sexual liberation of cinema. While Blue is a bit more political, Yellow is the clear winner as it features much more nudity and sex, as well as Lena Nyman having a conversation with archive footage of Martin Luther King, and the entire film crew doing yoga.

  • DK's rating of the film I Am Curious—Yellow


    Just about transcends the scandal. Yes, it fizzles out a bit after a promising, energetic opening, but still surprisingly relevant in parts. Altogether an only occasionally sluggish blend of sex and politics. With some lovely, lovely black and white photography.

  • MyAmanda's rating of the film I Am Curious—Yellow


    Not of much interest unless you were involved with these issues during that times, politics are just a bit too shallow to involve newer generations. If I wanted to watch aggressive sex scenes I'd be on xvideos not here.

  • cinegeek.de's rating of the film I Am Curious—Yellow


    (...)Nach dem Abspann von I Am Curious war ich wirklich erleichtert, dass ich nicht 1968 leben muss. Ich bin nicht verpflichtet, permanent Vietnam oder Franco zu stammeln und ich muss auch nicht das schönste Geheimnis der Welt mit jedem x-beliebigen teilen. (Dazu gibts unsere Film List '1968' auf cinegeek.de

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I Am What I Am 1967 Full Movie Download Torrent 2017

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