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The serial number is listed after the word “Serial Number,” “SSN,” “S/N,” or “SN.” Tablet Accessories Take the device and check if there is product info on the bottom. This method is common with HP, Dell and MacBooks. You would need to find the battery HSTNN number or the Battery type number or the spare number. HSTNN-LB40, Type J1KND, HP replace spare number 484171-001. Click here to find out how to remove/replace your battery. Serial number with a command line. How can i know the serial number of an HP-9000 - HP-UX 10.20, only with a command line? They say 'install windows 2k, xp or better', so i install unix! 3 Find the Serial Number on a HP. If you can't locate the model number on the battery or on the bottom of the computer, you may need to remove the casing on the underside of the laptop to find.

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In early 2018, HP issued a battery recall after it was discovered that some of its laptop batteries could overheat and catch fire. At the time, HP published the steps you needed to use to check your if your laptop's battery was impacted by the recall.

Recently, HP expanded the recall and has issued a call for users to recheck their batteries, even if they were cleared in the past.

Battery Serial Number On Hp

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Only, this time instead of entering a serial number into a website, HP has released a tool that checks whether your battery is recalled and needs to be replaced.

Affected models

Here's the current list of potentially affected HP models:

All clear last time? Check again.

It's worth repeating: If you checked your battery when the recall was first announced and received the all-clear, HP says you need to check again. Overheating batteries pose the risk of catching fire, so, please, take a few minutes of your time and check your battery again.

How to check

As previously mentioned, the old process required to find and enter your device's serial number into a dedicated webpage. Now, HP is offering a validation tool that you will need to download, install and run.

You can download the tool from the recall website here. The download link is located in the Getting Started section, under the Download HP Battery Validation Utility heading.

If the tool determines your battery needs to be replaced, it will place the battery in Battery Safety mode, which makes it possible to continue to use the laptop as long as it's plugged into an HP power adapter. The battery will not charge during this time, eliminating any risk it may pose. Once in Battery Safety mode, instructions will be provided to get the battery replaced by HP free of charge.

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If your business requires you to be on the move frequently, chances are you rely heavily on your HP laptop. Over time and with plenty of wear and tear, your model might require adjustment or repair. To expedite your repair work and locate the replacement parts required, the manufacturer may request your model number. Depending on which model you own, your model number can be found using several different methods.

On the Underside of the Laptop

On most HP models, the sticker on the underside of the laptop contains your model number, along with other important information. Turn your laptop upside down and place it on a soft, clean surface such as a chair or couch cushion. Locate the white or silver sticker on the underside of the laptop, toward the middle of the casing. Read the sticker and look for the prefix 'P/N.' The number following this prefix is your computer's model number.

On the Inside of the Battery Compartment

If the sticker on the underside of the laptop has been scratched off or purposefully removed, another place to check is inside the battery compartment. Turn the laptop upside down and locate the battery compartment near the screen hinge. Depress the lever to unlock the battery and lift it gently upward to remove it. Look for a white or silver rectangular sticker, either on the battery or in the compartment. Locate the 'P/N' prefix and record the number that follows it.

Beneath the Laptop's Bottom Casing

If you can't locate the model number on the battery or on the bottom of the computer, you may need to remove the casing on the underside of the laptop to find it. Ensure that the laptop is powered off and the battery is removed. With a small Phillips-head screwdriver, remove all of the perimeter screws from the casing. Place the screws in a secure location and gently lift up the casing. Near the left corner of the laptop, you'll see a square of information and specifications. Locate the 'P/N' prefix and record the number that follows. Replace the casing and re-install the screws.

Using System Information

Another way to locate the model of your HP laptop is by using the System Information screen. Press 'FN-Esc' to open the HP System Information window. A lot of information will be displayed within this window, but all you'll need to look for is the 'Product Number' heading. The number will contain the '#' symbol and is slightly different from a model number, but it will still provide all of the necessary information to the manufacturer or repair service.

Using HP Support Assistant


If you have the HP Support Assistant software installed, you can use it to quickly find your computer's model number. Click the Windows 'Start' button and type 'HP' in the Search field. Choose 'HP Support Assistant' from the displayed results. Your model number and other information will be displayed along the bottom edge of the Support Assistant window.

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Hp Battery Serial Number

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