How To Get Download Game Updates For Ps Vita Through Ps3

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Hellow everyone. I hope you all well, as I shared with you how to install PS3 PKG full game using PexPloit lite on OFW 4.81 in my previous article and tutorial. But it was tough to follow all the steps. Becuase we have to use CMD to command game for patch PS3 game edat or license file with PS3 C00 games. I think 70% my watcher and reader failed to install PS3 games using my trick how to install PS3 games on OFW using PexPloit lite.

PexPloit lite V1.0 isn’t only one software which allows you to install PS3 games on OFW version. MuxPort is also a better and simple solution for install PS3 game on OFW version. But when we are trying both PexPloit lite V1.0 and MuxPort 2.1.0, as I mentioned 70% of people failed to follow the simple tutorial, I know those steps are tough. Many people comment and text me they failed to install PS3 games. So, that time I said I will try to make it simple. Now I did it for all of you. I added some extra PS3 CFW tool which will help you to simply install PS3 games on OFW even 4.81 super slim.

If you want to save your time and 100% result. Then please I suggest you read the whole article and all about which software I recommend to you. In my previous article, I shared with you PS3 tool collection. If you read about it then it’s well good or you are a new visitor then please read first. If you know all about the software then it will really easy to use. There is no benefit you follow all my steps and you failed. Calculation: You watch my tutorial expand: 10Minutes, Follow my steps expand:10Minutes, You failed and you try again and keep trying you expand: 1hr, you leave a comment and wait for a reply or looking solution on another website, expand: whole day. Total you expand approx 2-3 days and what you got. Ask to yourself.

I have a PS Plus account for my Vita but don't own a PS3. I used the online website to buy the PS Plus PS3 games. So you can get a PS Plus account and attach the PS Plus games to your account through the web. Find out how to update your PlayStation 3 via a PC download and why you should keep your system updated. PS Vita games PS Plus games. Updating the PlayStation 3 system software via PC download. System & Hardware.

Pc Game Updates Downloads

That’s why I always mention in my all article please read the whole article for saving your time. If you do, Read article all uses software and the tutorial then you have to expand max 30 minutes and the result will be on your screen. Because this trick is 100% working. First I test it with myself, when I get satisfaction then I share with you. Because I want to guide you simple & save your time. Here I mentioned a list what is the requirement for installation PS3 game start to finish. Make sure you have software and you read about it. Because it will save your time and give you 100% result. Let’s get started.

We need it

  • The game in disc formats – [All game files from disc version of your game starts with “B”]
  • Update for games (Which you wants to install)
  • PSNStuff
  • TrueAncestor Backup Retailer v2.20
  • PS3 Converter
  • PKG View
  • USB Disk Storage Format Tool
  • USB Stick with minimum space 16GB or external hard drive for larger games
  • PS3 Backup file

How to install ps3 games from USB without jailbreak

  1. Copy game from DVD or download PS3 game using PSN stuff
  2. Find PS3_GAME folder (If you copied the game from DVDs)
  3. Copy the PS3_GAME folder and paste it into PS3 converter folder.
  4. Open PS3 converter
  5. Find PS3 game ID using PS3 updater inside (PS3 tool collection)
  6. Use PS3 code NPUB and PS3 ID (If you have PS3 US or EU version)
  7. Press enter for start process (You will get a new folder inside PS3 converter NPUB and game title ID)
  8. Open TrueAncestor backup retailer (Open and close for creating default folders)
  9. Copy your game from PS3 game converter folder and paste it into TrueAncestor backup retailer game folder (make sure it should game folder not GAMES)
  10. Open PS3 game updater and download your game update. If you didn’t find any update then leave this step. Because you already have update file. (Extract Update PKG file using PS3 PKG viewer)
  11. Copy update file and put into the game folder.
  12. Put the backup file into the backup folder (You must have the PS3 backup file)
  13. Run TrueAncestor backup retailer.
  14. Press 1 to show backup folder
  15. Again press 1 for choose backup folder
  16. Press any key to continue
  17. Load PS3 games by pressing 4
  18. Select all game by press s
  19. Press any key to continue and press S again for command inject PS3 games into the backup file.
  20. Type OK for start injecting PS3 games.

Note: This article update to how to inject PS3 games on OFW 4.81/4.82

Now, wait for finish process. When process will be finished. You can find the backup file into the output folder. Which you can find in TrueAncestor backup retailer OUTPUT folder. Copy your backup file and plug your USB stick into your computer. Create root folder PS3>EXPORT>BACKUP and put your backup folder into a Backup folder.

Please give some time for reading major question answers.

Q: Can I install PS3 Multiple games?

A: Yes, you can install PS3 multiple games at same time. Put your all game folder into TrueAncestor backup retailer backup “game” folder. If you have your selected game update file. Then put both folders into the game folder.

Q: Still, it works?

A: Yes, guys, this trick will always work for you. As I said before. It’s not a coupon code, which has an expiry date. It’s a simple trick for injecting PS3 game using some PS3 tools.

Q: What the mean PS3 error code 80010017 or 80010016?

A: This error means your game file is corrupted. You can also read this PS3 code error mean on Sony Official forum website. Your PS3 unable to load the PS3 game file.

Q: How to fix PS3 error code 80010017 or 80010016?

A: If you see the PS3 error code 80010017 or 80010016 then my suggestion is to use another copied game from DVDs or download the PS3 game using PSN stuff to load PSN stuff database file.

Q: Do I need to convert PS3 game if I downloaded the PS3 game using PSN stuff?

A: No, you no need to convert PS3 game if you downloaded the PS3 game using PSN stuff. Because those PS3 game already converted. Just put the game folder into TrueAncestor backup retailer “game” folder.

Summary:- I hope guys, you get all the information about how to install ps3 games from USB without jailbreak. If you are thinking about its work or not. Then I suggest you watch my YouTube Tutorial. I clearly mentioned everything in this article. Please read the whole article If you really want to inject PS3 game without Jailbroken your console with USB. If anything else please leave a comment in the comment section or leave your feedback. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter for the future updates.

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*Note - This cannot allow you to download faster than your ISP provides unless you were to download the package file at another location.*

Ps3 Game Updates

Another good reason to do this is would be if you have a bandwidth cap at your home but do have access to unlimited internet some place else. This way you can download 95+% of the game w/o having to use your bandwidth up.

Your PC and PS4 must be on the same local network.

The program I use is PSX Download Helper. Link to the original site here.

The program is in Japanese but you can change it to English.

How To Get Download Game Updates For Ps Vita Through Ps3 1

If you don't want to bother changing it from Japanese to English, I already created a package with English selected here.

What you wanna do is launch PSXDownloadHelper.exe and will end up with this screen.

Make note of the IP the program gives. This IP is the one given to your PC on your local network.

You then want to go on your PS4 to Settings > Network > Set up Internet Connection

You should already have either Wifi or Ethernet selected based on how you are connected.

How To Get Download Game Updates For Ps Vita Through Ps3 Games

Click again and you should be prompted with this screen.

Choose Custom and then keep hitting X until you come to the Proxy Server Screen. Choose Use and under Address type the IP that was showing in the program's window from earlier as well as the port if it's different. Then in the program hit start. Back on your PS4 hit X to advance through the connection wizard and choose to test internet connection. If all was done well your connection should be successful.

Now go to your Library and choose to download the game. Right after it starts go to Notifications > Downloads and pause it. You should then have a link pop up back in the program.

This link is the link to the game package. You can hit copy and then paste into a browser and start downloading it. Or if you have a bandwidth cap, you can choose to copy the link to a text file and then when you're at a place with unlimited bandwidth start the download then.

Once done you want to find the file. Usually in your downloads folder on your PC.


You then will either drag the file over or choose browser in the program. I dragged it over to here.

Game Patches

Now you go back to your PS4 to Notifications > Downloads and unpause the file that was being downloaded. If done right you should see the file being downloaded at an insane speed as it's downloading from your PC and not the internet now.

You'll also notice in the program more log files popping up.

How To Get Download Game Updates For Ps Vita Through Ps3 3

IMPORTANT - After you do this go back into network settings and make sure you set proxy server to 'Do Not Use' Otherwise you would need to have the program running all the time to play online on your PS4.

How To Get Download Game Updates For Ps Vita Through Ps3 3

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