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Magnet links are basically a connection between your torrent downloader client and the seeders. A torrent file is just a medium for that. So it doesn’t matter if you download a torrent file or use magnet links to download files of it, BOTH ARE SAME. How Magnet Links Are Different From.Torrent Files. When you download a.torrent file, you're essentially downloading a small file that contains information on the larger files you want to download.

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Given the torrent hash – passed as a parameter within a Magnet link – clients immediately seek the addresses of peers and connect to them to download first the torrent file, and then the desired content. Easier to share just a link than to share a link to a file on a server. Magnet links should be updated where.torrent files may not be. Better chance of success even if a specific tracker is not available. Ability to obtain download from alternative, non-torrent methods. Disadvantages of magnet liks over.torrent files.

Soon, popular torrent site The Pirate Bay will no longer host torrent files. Instead, it will only offer magnet links. Magnet what now? You may have seen the term 'magnet link' before, but if you haven't used one, here's the lowdown on what this change means for you as a BitTorrent user.

How Magnet Links Are Different From .Torrent Files

When you download a .torrent file, you're essentially downloading a small file that contains information on the larger files you want to download. The torrent file tells your torrent client the names of the files being shared, a URL for the tracker, and more. Your torrent client then calculates a hash code, which is a unique code that only that torrent has—kind of like an ISBN or catalog number. From there, it can use that code to find others uploading those files, so you can download from them.


A magnet link does away with the middleman. A magnet link is essentially a hyperlink containing the hash code for that torrent, which your torrent client can immediately use to start finding people sharing those files. Magnet links don't require a tracker (since it uses DHT, which you can read more about here), nor does it require you to download a separate file before starting the download, which is convenient.

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How to Use Magnet Links


Magnet links are dead simple to use. If you head to the Pirate Bay now, you'll notice that magnet links are now the default, with the 'Get Torrent File' link in parentheses next to it (a link which will disappear in a month or so). Just click on the magnet link, and your browser should automatically open up your default BitTorrent client and start downloading. It's that easy.

What This Ultimately Means for You

The short answer is nothing. In fact, it could mean that downloading torrents takes one or two fewer clicks, since all you have to do is click on the link to start the download. When magnet links first came out, not all torrent clients supported them, but now you can use magnet links with just about any semi-popular torrent client out there—including our favorites uTorrent, Transmission, and Deluge, among others, so you shouldn't notice a problem with that.


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The main reason torrent sites are moving toward magnet links—apart from convenience to the user—is that these links (probably) free torrent sites like The Pirate Bay from legal trouble. Since The Pirate Bay won't be hosting files that link to copyrighted content—that is, the torrent files—it's more difficult to claim the site is directly enabling the downloading of copyrighted material. Whether this semantic leap actually protects torrent sites remains to be seen, but for now, you can sleep soundly knowing that the sites will stick around for awhile longer and that your torrents will take one less click to get started. If you want to read more about magnet links, check out the Wikipedia page on the subject.


What's the difference between a torrent file and a Magnet link?

What is the difference between usage, can I use μTorrent to download files from a Magnet link?

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μTorrent is compatible with Magnet links, so you can use them.

Short version:

Instead of downloading the .torrent file from a webserver, you download it directly from a seed/leecher. The biggest advantage is that you might be able to download the content of the torrent, even if the tracker is down or closed for registration.

Long version:

Traditionally, .torrent files are downloaded from torrent sites. A torrent client then calculates a torrent hash (a kind of fingerprint) based on the files it relates to, and seeks the addresses of peers from a tracker (or the DHT network) before connecting to those peers and downloading the desired content.

Sites can save on bandwidth by calculating torrent hashes themselves and allowing them to be downloaded instead of .torrent files. Given the torrent hash – passed as a parameter within a Magnet link – clients immediately seek the addresses of peers and connect to them to download first the torrent file, and then the desired content.

It is worth noting that BitTorrent can not ditch the .torrent format entirely and rely solely on Magnet links. The .torrent files hold crucial information that is needed to start the downloading process, and this information has to be available in the swarm.

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can I use μTorrent to download files from a Magnet link?

Yes, you can.

Both torrent file and Magnet links perform the same task, that is, download files via BitTorrent. Magnet links contain hashes of the files to be downloaded and location of where these can be downloaded from.

From the Wikipedia,

Magnet links consist of a series of one or more parameters, the order of which is not significant, formatted in the same way as the query string on the end of many HTTP URLs. The most common parameter is 'xt', meaning 'exact topic', which is generally a URN formed from the content hash of a particular file, e.g.. magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:YNCKHTQCWBTRNJIV4WNAE52SJUQCZO5C

referring to the Base32 encoded SHA-1 hash of the file in question.

Other parameters defined by the draft standard are:

  • 'dn' ('display name'): a filename to display to the user, for convenience
  • 'kt' ('keyword topic'): a more general search, specifying search terms rather than a particular file
  • 'mt' ('manifest topic'): a URI pointing to a 'manifest', e.g. a list of further items application-specific experimental parameters, which must begin 'x.' The standard also suggests that multiple parameters of the same type can be used by appending '.1', '.2' etc. to the parameter name, e.g.


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A Bittorrent magnet link contains all the information needed to start downloading the files from peers directly. It is a server-less way of retrieving the right information to start downloading the requested files. A magnet link therefor is theoretically all that is needed to download files from other peers in the Bittorrent network. Magnet links can be distributed by email, messaging and other forms of communication but are most often found on the torrent sites that usually offer both torrent and magnet links to their users.

A magnet consists of several parts:

  • magnet: (This is the magnet link identifier)
  • ?xt=urn:btih: (Defines a Bittorrent Info Hash, the Edonkey identifier would for instance look like this xt=urn:ed2k:)
  • 5dee65101db281ac9c46344cd6b175cdcad53426 (The content hash)
  • &dn=name (The name of the file)

The full magnet link would look like this: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5dee65101db281ac9c46344cd6b175cdcad53426&dn=download. Detailed information about additional Magnet Link parameters are listed on Wikipedia. One useful parameter that has not been mentioned yet is the as= parameter which contains encrypted information about a download source. This speeds up the process of finding the first peers.

Main Advantages of Magnet Links

The main advantage for Bittorrent indexers is that they do not have to store the torrents on their servers anymore which could be beneficial for them in several ways. It could reduce the pressure from the media creation industry and reduce hardware infrastructure expenses thanks to less tracking and downloading.

The end users on the other hand benefit from Magnet Links as well. All they need is the link to start downloading the files which makes them independent from torrent indexers. It also allows them to distribute the information more easily. Torrent indexers remain on the other hand the main source of information for new files that are available for download.

Magnet Links use DHT

A tracker less environment should raise a question of identification. How can a download be initiated ff there is no tracker to inform the Bittorrent user about other users who download and seed the file? The answer is DHT, Distributed hash tables. DHT is enabled by default in popular clients such as uTorrent or Vuze. Without going into to much detail, the hash of the magnet link is used to find peers using DHT.

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How To Download Torrent Free

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