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Disclaimer: we don’t advise anyone to download or distribute copyrighted material on the internet illegally. After all… it’s illegal…

Millions of people are using torrenting websites to looks for files on the internet and download them. As I write this there are 6.761.168 registered users on The Pirate Bay (the most popular torrent website) and over 6 million torrents to choose from. Whether it’s movies, music, software or anything else – there’s a torrent for everything. But how do you download a torrent file to your computer anonymously and without leaving footprints that would lead right to you?

How to use uTorrent Anonymously uTorrent is one of the most popular BiTorrent clients in the world, and many users want to know how to use uTorrent anonymously. Because of this we decided to create this easy guide to anonymizing your uTorrent activity with a VPN or Proxy service. There are various BitTorrent apps available for Android that will allow you to download torrents quickly and efficiently, but very few of them will enable you to download torrent anonymously on Android. This guide will tell you how to use an anonymous proxy or VPN service to download torrents anonymously on Android. How To Download Torrents Anonymously? Proxy, Tor or VPN? BitTorrent and anonymity are not the same. If you really want to keep your activity private, your best way involves routing your BitTorrent connection through an external services – anonymous proxy, Tor or VPN.

Those who use torrents on a regular basis know, that everything they download can be traced back to them, and, if there’s any illegal file down/upload going on, they can face charges and some serious fees. However, there are ways to download torrent files completely anonymous, without letting anyone know that you downloaded anything.

Some suggest using an expensive VPN service or a proxy that would hide ones IP address, some tell you to move to another country with no extradition… There’s also both free and paid software (VPN proxy like BTGuard) that you can download onto your computer, but this is generally way too complicated compared to the method described below. You won’t need to enter any custom settings, download or even install anything at all!


Let me just share the best way I know how to safely download torrents without getting caught and setting off any red flags.

Best way to download torrents anonymously

How awesome would it be if you could just ask someone to download the torrent you like and then just get the file from them? Well, there is a service that does exactly that.

Myfastfile is a service that acts as a middle man between you and the file you want to download. Instead of downloading a file from any given server straight to your computer, which makes it traceable, you can just tell Myfastfile what to download for you and then take the file straight from their protected servers, absolutely anonymous.

It is as if you asked your friend to download something for you, and the only thing you would to is collect a thumb drive with the downloaded file on it. This way your involvement in the download is completely untraceable and no one will ever know that you were behind the torrent download.

How to use the Myfastfile Downloader

First of all, get yourself a Myfastfile premium account. It’s not that expensive actually: it can go as low as $0.21 per day with the 12 month plan. If you just want to test the service you can go ahead and purchase a 1 month premium account for $12.99. The most popular options are the 3- and 12 month accounts, which cost $9.99 per month and $6.57 per month respectively. These are one time only payments, not recurring!

After that, open the Downloader, paste your torrent link (or magnet link) inside the box and press submit. Now Myfastfile will download the file you have selected for you, and you can download it straight from their servers. You don’t even need to install a torrent client or any other software on your computer.

Since many people use the service, you will find that some torrents will download “instantly”, simply because Myfastfile already has the file on their servers. After telling Myfastfile to download a torrent for you, you will have around 3 to 6 days (always different for some reason) to download the file to your computer safely and without letting anyone know.

Download torrents even faster!

When you download a torrent, you are usually automatically downloading it from multiple sources at the same time. However, you are often either limited by the speed of your broadband connection or the amount of people, who are sharing the file with you. So how can you download torrents even faster than you do right now?

As I already told you above, myfastfile stores loads of popular torrents in the cloud already, which allows you to download them straight from their servers. If the file is not yet in the cloud though, myfastfile will download it for you with an absolutely incredible speed: I saw speeds up to 200 Mbps!

Another cool trick myfastfile can do it streaming torrents. Since you’re probably using torrents to download movies in most cases anyway, there’s actually no need for you to download the whole file on your computer or mobile device. Just add the torrent to the Downloaded, let myfastfile download it for you and simply stream the whole thing without downloading it and needing to wait!

So, the fastest way for you to watch a popular movie torrent is simply taking the magnet link, adding it to the downloader and pressing Stream. All of that will take you 10 seconds (if the torrent is already in the cloud).

Myfastfile is the best torrent client replacement

Old-school torrenting methods are oftentimes not as secure as you think they are. By moving everything to the cloud you not only replace your uTorrent, BitTorrent or any other torrent client on your computer with a good looking web UI, but also hide your IP address from anyone who tries to find it without the need to use an additional VPN or proxy.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below!

If you've read my darknet series, you've probably got a pretty good idea of what I2P actually is and is capable of. One of the features of I2P is that it's designed with P2P file sharing in mind. Using a built-in service called I2PSnark, you can host and seed torrents quickly and easily!

The main problem with normal P2P trackers is that they're public. This means that ISPs and media companies can join the torrent swarm and obtain all of the IP addresses of the connected hosts. You'll know this happens when your service provider mails you a nice, shiny DMCA notice. Collect enough of these and the penalty can range from your provider banning you, to the company who owns the rights to whatever you pirated suing you.

You definitely don't want to be banned or sued, so we need to be more creative. Thankfully, we have a solution for this problem.

Anonymous File Sharing

We can use the I2P network to share files without the entire world knowing who is sharing them. Again, we have another easy step that keeps you safe on the Internet.

Step 1 Make Sure the Service Is Running

Open up a terminal and type:

$ i2prouter status

If it's not already started, you can start it back up with:

$ i2prouter start

Once we have it up and running, we simply point our web browser to:

You should now see the main I2PSnark screen. Notice how it's already running and ready by starting the I2P router. Your web browser is connecting to localhost, where the I2P service is bound via port 7657.

Step 2 Create Torrent

You have two options with this. You can take a .torrent file you already have along with its data and move it into:


Or simply move data you wish to seed to the same directory.

Here we have a coupon code for cash off a PS3. I want to share this with my mates. So we go back to the I2Psnark page and fill in the path with our file.

Under Tracker, you may pick the one you wish to use, or add a new one altogether, depending on who and what you are sharing.

Click on Create Torrent.

I2PSnark creates the new .torrent file and places it in your queue. All you need to do is click the start button in the upper right-hand corner.

And you are seeding!

In Closing

I2PSnark is not the only way to do this, and it is not the fastest either. However, it is easy, built in, and more than capable of tossing files up quickly.

Do you know of any other tools to host torrents on I2P? Can you elaborate on the article? Null Byte would love to see it, and new ideas are always welcome. Leave your questions and concerns in the comments, or visit our forum!

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