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Feb 2, 2009 - Workplace Safety Guidelines OSHA 29 CFR 1910. 87,734 views. Share; Like; Download. General Safety Presentation. Workplace Safety. Free PowerPoint Slide Show - Funny Safety Pictures New Angle on 'Safety Goggles' - These Chinese worker's are made of paper How to Create a Funny PowerPoint Presentation. Making presentations in PowerPoint is satisfying, moreover, it's easy to get started. Excellent Free Safety Presentation. This is one of the best safety PowerPoint presentations we have seen in a long time. It was put together by the Mid-Willamette. Search PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations, PDF Documents, PowerPoint Templates and Diagrams on authorSTREAM.

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Free Safety Powerpoint Presentations Download

Add-ins add fun and useful features to your PowerPoint presentations. Download these free PowerPoint add-ins to enhance your presentation software experience, engage your audience and collect valuable feedback.

A number of free OSHA applicable PowerPoint templates are available on Below you will find some of the major OSHA topics that you can download and tailor to suit your needs. Note: All presentations are in.ppt (PowerPoint) format.

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Pickit Free Images

Pickit Free Images is a collection of free-to-use HD images, icons, and illustrations that can enliven any PowerPoint presentation. These high-quality graphics are categorized and can be searched.

Pickit was recognized as an Office App Awards winner in 2016 for Best User Interface for an Office add-in.

Pickit is compatible with PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 and later, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint for Mac 2016 and PowerPoint Online.

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Collins Dictionary

Use the Collins Dictionary add-in with PowerPoint to check definitions and translate text to more than 50 languages. Just highlight a word in your presentation to see its definition and synonyms or hear an audio pronunciation of the word.

The Collins Dictionary add-in is compatible with PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 and later, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint for Mac 2016 and PowerPoint Online.

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Office Mix

Free Safety Powerpoint

The Office Mix free PowerPoint add-in is useful for educators, business people, and consumers who use it to:

  • Create interactive online videos or lectures
  • Add polls, quizzes and interactive apps to presentations
  • Add voice and video

Office Mix is available for PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 and later.

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Pexels - Free Stock Photos

The free Pexels add-in brings free professional-quality stock photos to your PowerPoint presentations. You can search for images, view popular images or save images as favorites for future use.

Pexels is compatible with PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 and later, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint for Mac 2016 and PowerPoint Online.

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Emoji Keyboard

The Emoji Keyboard add-in provides more than 1300 Emoji that can be inserted into PowerPoint as text or as graphics in different sizes. The emoji library is searchable and includes skin tone modifiers. Use these fun graphics to add interest to your presentations.

Emoji Keyboard is compatible with PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 and later, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint for Mac 2016 and PowerPoint Online.

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Office Maps

The free Office Maps add-in allows you to search for a location and add a map of it to your presentation. You can customize the look of the maps.

Office Maps is compatible with PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 and later, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint for Mac 2016 and PowerPoint Online.

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Pro Word Cloud

Create a word cloud from your text for your PowerPoint presentation with this free Pro Word Cloud add-in. A word cloud makes frequently used words in the presentation text more prominent, but you can tweak the size, fonts, color schemes and layouts.

Free Safety Powerpoint Presentations Download

Pro Word Cloud is compatible with PowerPoint 2013 and later.

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Live Survey

Engage your audience with live surveys, courtesy of the free Live Survey PowerPoint add-in. With Live Survey, you create surveys easily, collect votes from your audience and show the results in real time on a slide. Live Survey encourages audience participation and gives you valuable feedback.

The Live Survey add-in is compatible with PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 or later, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac and PowerPoint Online.

PowerPoint is still the king when it comes to presentation software. It’s been around for ages and every new version adds more features and makes the product even better. The main problem with PowerPoint is that most people can’t create stylish or beautiful presentations on their own since that requires a high level of design skill.

Luckily, there are literally tens of thousands of free PowerPoint templates for pretty much any topic, idea or concept under the sun. In this article, I’m going to mention 10 websites where you can find great PowerPoint templates that can be downloaded instantly, usually without any registration.

I’ve also gone ahead and scanned each of the websites mentioned below with VirusTotal to make sure they don’t have any malware or spyware issues. I would also suggest you scan each file you download with your own virus scanner just to be on the safe side. Normally, if you use a web browser like Chrome, it will actually perform a virus scan on any file you download, so that’s another layer of protection.

Built-in PowerPoint Templates

Before we get into the 15 websites, I should also mention that there are a couple of hundred templates you can use from within PowerPoint itself. Open PowerPoint and you’ll see thumbnail images for about 30 or so templates.

You can find a lot more by just performing a search using the search box at the top. If you just want to see all the options, click on one of the suggested searches and then you’ll see a long list of categories you can choose from.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Presentation Magazine

This website apparently has exactly 56,574 free PowerPoint templates! They have a huge number of categories that you can browse through or you can search by tags or specific colors. In addition, they have a separate section just for PowerPoint backgrounds, in case that is all you are looking for. To get a template, click on the presentation and then click on the Download PPTX button. No registration required.

Smile Templates

This website has several hundred nice-looking templates that can be downloaded for free. Note that the free template has only 3 slides, which is completely fine. They try to sell you a 24-slide download for a whopping $18! Don’t do that as you can make all those slides yourself using the three free ones. Registration required.

PowerPoint Styles

PowerPoint Styles has several hundred templates that you can browse by category, color, tag, most viewed, most recently added or most downloaded. Simply click on the Download now button on the template page to get the file, no registration required.


This website has about 3,000+ templates that you can search for by tags, colors, categories or top rated. You can download the files in ZIP format and there is no registration required. Just be careful if you get thrown over to their sister site SlideModel because those are not free presentations.


This website has some really nice looking templates in Widescreen or Standard format. There aren’t very many, but the ones they do have are of high-quality. You can download them without any registration.


Safety Presentations Ppt

TemplatesWise has a large collection of templates made from photographs, abstract graphics and clip art. Categories include business, finance, nature and travel. Besides templates, the site offers free charts, diagrams, icons and music loops. Basically anything needed for a great PowerPoint presentation can be found here.


Safety Training Powerpoints

This site has one category with about 250+ free templates. Again, it’s not a lot of templates, but they are of good quality. All the other templates on the site cost money. If you want to download the template, you either have to register or you have to give the site a Facebook like or a tweet.


This website has only about 18 free templates, but they are really professional-looking templates and that’s why I’ve included them in the list. There are a lot of sites out there with lots of templates, but most of the templates are terrible looking. In order to download you have to add the item to your cart and then register for an account.

KingSoft Office

KingSoft Office has an office suite that is similar to Microsoft Office and their website has a section with free PowerPoint templates. The templates are pretty basic, but they have some specific holiday categories like Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Years, etc. that you don’t see on other sites.


Free Safety Ppt Presentations

This website has about 400 free templates you can download and most of them are very unique. Click on the little download icon and then register in order to complete the download.

Free Safety Powerpoint Presentations Download Mp3

Hopefully, browsing these sites should give you enough templates to choose from for your presentation. Actually, with so many choices, you might end up wasting more time searching for the perfect template rather than creating one! If you have a suggestion for a site that you have used in the past, feel free to let us know in the comments. Enjoy!

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