Free Family Fued Game Download

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Family Feud by Gametek has all the queries of the TV game show -- all its missing is the kiss on the cheek for all the female members of the family.

  1. Free Family Feud Game Download For Pc
  2. Free Online Family Feud Game Download
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SURVEY SAYS: It's time to play the new Family Feud® Live! Be the fastest contestant to type in and see your answers light up the board! Play Family Feud® Live.

Fortune and Family

Pitting two families against each other, the bottom line of Family Fued is to answer intriguing questions like 'What animal do people most sound like when they laugh?' The opposing family can be played either by the computer or by another player.

Free Family Feud Game Download For Pc

ProTip: Turn off the timer to get additional seconds (or minutes) to answer questions.

Game play is simple: Just punch in the answers one letter at a time (some spelling skill is required). This may take the game out of the hands of younger players, but light spelling mistakes and answer variations are forgiven. Gametek has made the control-pad twiddling as easy as possible.

If a question pops onscreen and you know the answer before it's hilly appeared, hit the button and get a head start over the other player.

Though the music leans toward the cheesy side, it does match the theme and 'thinking' tunes you hear on the home screen. Voice samples that say 'Bulls-eye!' and 'Number one answer!' are very clean, but soon become old hat.

If there's any complaint, it's that the computer doesn't always interpret your answers well enough, and some answers are just plain goofy. To the question 'What would you sit down and enjoy at home?' I would answer 'Television.' Sitting and enjoying an aquarium isn't what I had in mind. In another, the answer 'Eating with hands' doesn't work, but 'Eating with fingers' is a winner.

When you reach the Fast Money Round, you can use Button C to pass on a question and return to it later. That will help you get through the easier questions first.

Survey Says?

Free Family Fued Game Download

You won't find thumb-busting action in Family Feud, but if the quiz biz is your cup of tea, Family Feud will fill your glass.

Overall rating: 7

Free Online Family Feud Game Download


Free family feud game download
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  • Developer: Eurocom Developments Ltd.
  • Genre: Logic/Puzzle
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993)
  • Runs on PC, Windows
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Get ready to participate in the wildest feud since the Hatfields and McCoys. Over 4000 new survey questions taken right from the hit television show. Play alone or with up to nine friends. You battle family against family in guessing the top survey responses from people across the country. Just like in the tv show, there are 3 Rounds ending in a timed Bonus 'Fast-Money' Round. Randomly generated questions are asked, and the object is to figure out the most popular answers from the 100 people poled. Each member of the family contributes during the Rounds, and two people play in the Bonus Round.

Based on the hit TV show of the same name, and called Family Fortunes in the UK, this game pits two families against each other in an attempt to guess the most popular answers to survey questions. The more popular the answer you guess correctly, the more points you get. If you win the earlier round then you'll advance through to the final round where the drama and tension can reach new heights. Not to be missed if you enjoyed the TV show.

When you buzz to give an answer you will have to spell out the name of the answer you want to give. If you get it right you can guess again, if you don't then you will lose a life. 3 wrong answers and control swaps over to the opposing team.

If you've ever dreamed of gathering up the family and getting on Family Feud, dream no more. Now you can enjoy the same kinds of questions in the comfort of your own home. Family Feud from Gametek has more than 4,000 questions based on surveys of 100 people. This game gives you a chance to see if you're really good enough for the real thing. Family Feud can be played with anywhere from one to ten players, but be careful. Any more than two people and you're asking for a real family feud.

Hot Hints:

  1. Use the Start button to End your answers and save some time on the clock.
  2. While thinking of an answer, press Button C to review the game board.
  3. Use the Returning Champion code to keep your family rolling for five consecutive days, that is—if you're

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System Requirements

PC compatible, P-200

Systems: Windows 9x, Windows 2000 Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Digital Family Feud Game

Game features:Single game mode

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