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Delta Sector is a mod for Far Cry created by PlatinumGold.. You are a member of a special forces team. It's your job to check what's happening in eastern Europe, because many military forces accumulate in one area.

The project offers new weapons, new vehicles and new enemies. It also has three singleplayer missions, a multiplayer mode and has dramatically improved graphics. The multiplayer mode got a completely new gameplay. It's much more action, excitement and fun.

How to install: Install the mod with 2008_08_06_TheDeltaSectorV1.00.exe file and then apply the patch with 2008_08_06_TheDeltaSectorPatch1.1.exe.

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Far Cry Free Download PC game for Windows. A army officer who gets trapped on the mysterious island and have to escape from the gangsters. Far Cry 1 PC Game Overview. Far Cry 1 is developed by Crytek and presented by Ubisoft Games. Far Cry 1 is the game.

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7 days

Far Cry - Delta Sector v.1.1mod415.3 MB3/16/201115.4K55
Far Cry - v.1.4 Fullpatch180.6 MB10/4/200616.1K46
Far Cry - SP #2demo518.9 MB3/8/200418K36
Far Cry - Singularitymod565.3 MB3/16/20155.6K32
Far Cry - SilentPatchFarCry 2mod741.3 KB10/19/201868022
Far Cry - Far Cry Widescreen Fixmod1141.5 MB10/20/20181.2K21
Far Cry - FarCry Upscaled v.0.98mod6770.1 MB5/31/20199520
Far Cry - v.1.33 - v.1.4patch123.7 MB10/4/200618.1K19
Far Cry - Realistic AI Mod v.1.0mod59.2 MB2/21/20163.1K16
Far Cry - Unofficial FarCry Patch v. MB6/1/20199316
Far Cry - Mysterious Island v.1.1mod287.7 MB5/13/20163.8K13
Far Cry - Mutant Crisis v.1.1mod688.1 MB2/18/20145.2K13
Far Cry - SDK v.1.4mod32 MB11/22/20069.4K12
Far Cry - FarCry: Crymods Fifth Anniversary Map v.25112018mod445.4 MB12/15/201863110
Far Cry - Farmer Jack 2mod375.5 MB8/31/20163K10
Far Cry - FarOut Widescreen v.1.0.beta3mod14.7 MB5/19/2019818
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