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12/24/2021by admin
I am thinking of purchasing a iphone. But I not 100% sure it can do what I want, in particular 'direct' download of music to the iphone.
It appears from reading the manuals, you either have to:
1. Connection to a computer with itunes and sync music to the iphone.
2. Use WiFi itune store connection to download songs to iphone.
But it not really clear to me if I was sitting at a bus stop going to work, or on the bus I could be browsering the latest music and then download directly to the iphone bypassing having to go to a computer or having to be in my living room range of WiFi connection. (Australia)
I do think the device is excellent, dont get me wrong and I have a ipod nano. But the feature I probably use most is connecting and downloading music. If I limited to doing the same as my nano (syncing) or using my home WiFi connection then really no point of paying for internet on the phone if it can't direct download music.
I may have to wait for the next release when this becomes a feature.

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Download Free Music To Phone

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