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Game Killer APK (or GameKiller) is an android app to modify coins, gems, etc of android games by using technique of memory modifying. Gamekiller has been downloaded by more than 10 million users worldwide making it one of the most downloaded app not available on Google Play store.

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Game killer is a powerful yet easy to use, supports maximum number of games and is compatible on latest android versions; Lollipop and Marshmallow. You can download Game killer freely without any survey as well as read detailed step-wise procedure on using Game Killer on this site.

Warning:- There are many fake sites that are providing download links to modified version of Game killer that contains virus. So, we request you to download from our official site only and share with your friends.

Game killer free APK is an android app that helps android users to hack only offline android platform supported games to increase their game points, coins, levels, gems and offline android applications.


Rooted android 2.3+.

Note:Game killer works only on rooted devices. If your device is not rooted, please root it first with our root app for android.


  1. Download Game killer from our site. Click Here to download.
  2. Install it.
  3. Open Game Killer. You will see following window.
  4. Press back or minimize game killer. Now you will see the game killer icon floating on your screen.
  5. Open the game you want to hack and play it. Collect some coins or game score or anything you want to hack.
  6. Click on the game killer icon on the top. You will see “Input number to do exact search………”. Enter the number of coins or scores or any item from the keyboard. Press search button and tap auto identify in upcoming window. Suppose if you have 1000 coins, enter 1000 from bottom keyword and tap search.
  7. If it shows multiple values, play game again, collect more items and search again until it shows single value.
  8. After it shows single value, tap on it and change it to any value you want. As in above example, If you enter 99999 now your coins will change from 1000 to 99999.
  9. Keep on hacking other items in same way. You can try fuzzy search, floating number etc yourself. Trying yourself is the best way of gaining knowledge. Just try everything until you get what you want. It seems quite confusing at first but it is easy after you use for some time.

GameKiller Changelogs (v4.25):

Gamekiller has been updated recently to v4.25. If you are facing problem with this version, you can try using previous version (v3.11). Anyway, the following updates and improvements were done on the latest version of Game killer.

  • Search game worth with exact number
  • Search game value with unclear directions, e.g. bigger or smaller
  • Lock the video game value to a repaired number
  • Save/Load the taken care of list
  • Touch GameKiller sprite to bring up the device during gaming
  • HEX edit
  • Unload code
  • Bugs Fixed and much more.


Note:- FAQs are regularly updated and are sorted below based on volume of query we receive in descending order.

  • On which Games does Game killer apk work?
    Currently,(or maybe forever) Game killer works in offline games only. Online games are actually very hard to hack. We have to hack the server of those game which is almost impossible to hack by simply using n android app like Game killer. You need advanced knowledge of Hacking or programming to hack such games.
    Moreover, whether a game can be hacked or not, depends upon your skill and patience. Some users complain that Gamekiller doesn’t work on a certain game while some other users are hacking the same game easily and sharing their screenshots with us. Think positive and try more, you will obviously succeed.
  • It shows “Installation Blocked” or similar messages while installing. How can I fix it?
    Go to your device settings>security. Scroll down to find “Unknown sources” and enable it.
  • I cannot download Game killer. What should Ido?
    We cannot give you exact answer on this because this error can be caused by many factors. So try steps below:-
    1. Change your browser. Sometimes, web browser can cause this issue.
    2. Maybe you clicked on ads. Copy this link and paste on your browser:-

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  • Is there any way that I can use Game killer without rooting my android device?
    No. Rooting your android device is the very first step to use Game killer on your android devices. You can root easily your devices with kingroot. If kingroot doesn’t work on your device, google How to Root [Your device name].
  • Still I don’t want to root my phone. Are there anyalternatives?
    If you don’t want to root your android but want to hack android games, you can try our another app Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is different than Gamekiller. It works even on non-rooted devices, is easier than Game killer but supports less games. You can read full guide about Lucky patcher here.
  • Will Google Ban me if they found I am usingGame killer?
    Google won’t ban you or they even don’t care whether you are using Gamekiller or not. Moreover, Game killer has built-in anti-detect mechanism that prevent Game developers from getting information about Game killer.
  • Which versions of android does this app support?
    From Gingerbread (android 2.3) to Marshmallow (android 6.0). But older device may not support latest version. In that case, use older version (3.11).


Click Here to download Game killer apk.

If you are an android gamer, then you must have to download game killer apk on your android device. The gamekiller is one of the best hacking app for a smartphone. Using this app you gone easy to increases your game scores or level up. So let’s show you how to download and install Game Killer Apk.

All About Game Killer:

Game Killer is a one of the popular tool that helps gamers to hack their game on their smartphone. It’s one of the best cheat engines that you should easy to use on your android phone. Yes, with this app you should easy to get unlimited coins, money, health, gems, and many more on your android games. Now you don’t have to worry about the limited sources of the games. it’s very simple to modify your games.

Well, without any query first you have to download Game Killer Apk on Android phone and start to play any game that too gets the unlimited sources.

Game Killer Apk Android

Download Game Killer Apk For Android 50

Here’s Single Click to download gamekiller Apk:

  • The first step is to download the APK file from our link.

Game Killer Apk 4.10 Version Details

File NameGame Killer Apk 4.10 Version
Size512 KB
Version4.10 (latest version)
License TypeFreeware
Root RequiredYes
System RequirementsAndroid OS
PriceFree of Cost
Last UpdatedNovember 2017
  • The second step is crucial now. You have to allow the app from unknown devices. All you need is to go to setting and enable the unknown sources.

Let’s make it more clear.

Settings >>> Security >>> Unknown Sources.

Download Game Killer Apk For Android 5000

  • Download the APK file and allow your device to install it.
  • Make sure to keep your device rooted.
  • The message will pop up and that’s it.
  • Enjoy the cool features.

Game Killer Features:

There are a lot’s of features that you can see on this app like below.

  • It can get unlimited resources
  • It has a stunning user interface that works very well on different platforms.
  • This app can hack any game like Subway Surfers, Zombie Tsunami, Candy Crush and many more.
  • It is well-run on a regular basis so that you always get the better version.
  • You can surely enjoy plenty of cool features including unlimited health.
  • One more thing is that you can also hack some of the paid games.
  • It works perfectly well on the latest versions of Android.
  • The best thing about this app is that it is free of any cost.
  • It even supports iOS devices as well.
  • You can also insert an exact number of coins and money in any game.
  • With this app, you can control the speed of the game as well.

Games List that Supports Gamekiller App:

A game killer is well know hacking tools for every android users also it’s one more feature is to its works in offline games.

  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers
  • Subway Surfers
  • Despicable Me
  • Zombie Tsunami
  • Candy Crush
  • Candy Crush Soda
  • Temple Run
  • Plants VS. Zombie
  • Hill Climb Racing
  • Hungry Shark
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Asphalt 8
  • Racing Rivals
  • Clash Royale

How to use Game Killer?

  • Once you were downloading the app, install it on your device.
  • Open the Gamekiller app, and a window will pop up.
  • Now, minimize the app, and now you will see a small icon on the top of your screen.
  • Go to any game you want to change the resources.
  • After opening the game, click on the Gamekiller icon and enter the value you want to change. If you want to add 100 coins, then type 100 and press the search button.
  • Just tap on the search and get your desired results.
  • Enjoy.

Download Apk Files For Android

I hope that you can easy to download and install Gamekiller apk and hack every android games or modding.

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