Creating your 5-Star Instructor Profile



Wanna Train is a great way to grow your client base and the most effective way to get noticed is by creating a great instructor profile.  


Wanna Train prioritises instructors based on a number of factors, including the number of bookings you have and how clients have rated you. But not many people realise that we also like to see instructors with great looking profiles! 


Think about it, a great profile is your calling card for finding new clients.  Instructors with attractive profiles are 9x more likely to get enquiries than instructors with a minimal profile.  Enquiries equal bookings, bookings equal ratings, and higher ratings equal more enquiries and more bookings!  And so it continues!


Wanna Train instructor profiles are web searchable too, so writing a great bio also helps your profile to get discovered on Google, so it’s time to make yours stand out! 


To help you get started, here’s our tips on crafting the perfect profile!



We understand that no one really enjoys writing about themselves, but as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain!”.  Your Instructor bio is your opportunity to tell people what makes you stand out as a fitness professional.  


Imagine yourself in the shoes of a potential client and try to answer some of the questions they are likely to wanna know. Things like…

  • How long have you been a trainer?
  • What’s your speciality?
  • How did you get into training?
  • Do you have any niches, such as rehabilitation, older clients or weight loss?
  • Share about yourself, what drives you and your own personal interests

Keep it friendly and try to showcase your unique personality!


And as your instructor profile is web searchable, writing a great bio helps your profile to be listed on Google! We recommend that your bio is a minimum of 200 characters and bios of more than 500 characters are perfect for SEO!  


Try to fit the most important information in the first 200 characters so that it’s always visible without needing to “view more”. 


Head over to to see how your profile appears. If you don’t already have a website, this is a great way to get found online. 




Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the small round image that accompanies every action you do in Wanna Train.  It’s like your personal logo throughout the Wanna Train app.  It’s important that this photo is clear and visible so the client is able to clearly identify who you are.



  • Use a recent headshot that clearly shows your face
  • Look friendly and professional 
  • Sunglasses look cool, but they won’t help you get bookings. Lose em!
  • Good lighting. Daytime outdoor images produce the best light
  • Not blurry
  • It should be a photo of you and only you! – not your kids, or your cat! 
  • No distorting filters, captions or overlays
  • Say cheese! (or just smile)


Your Gallery 

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, so don’t just tell them about what you can do, show them! 


As well as your profile photo, you can add up to 6 gallery images too.  Gallery images compliment your profile photo and give you the chance to show yourself in training situations that will make potential clients more interested in you and your services. 



  • Keep it sporty! We love kids and pets, but unless your dog is into yoga, please save those for Facebook 🙂 
  • It’s OK to include other people in your gallery.  Especially photos of you training your clients.
  • Photos of you working out or practicing your craft, or in competitions
  • Keep your images clean.  Don’t overlay text on the images. If you have something to say, consider adding it to your bio. 
  • Use good lighting
  • Avoid blurry images



You get out what you put in! Whether you’re a yogi, Les Mills instructor, Personal Trainer, you’ve studied hard to become qualified.  Wanna Train wants to recognise you for your hard work and gives preference to certified Instructors. 


Here’s how to become a certified Wanna Train Instructor

  • Go to Account
  • Choose Certificates
  • Upload your proof of certification


The Wanna Train team will validate your documents and either approve your request, or ask you to submit more information.


Please make sure that:

  • Your certificates are current and valid
  • Are in the name used for your Wanna Train profile
  • Use clear images of your certificates – If we can’t read it clearly, it will be rejected


Once your certificates are approved, a blue tick badge will appear on sports for which you are certified.



Hourly Rate

Nobody likes a nasty surprise when the bill arrives.  That’s why we recommend that you publish your typical hourly rate on your profile.  Your hourly rate isn’t currently used for price calculations in the app, but it gives clients a useful indication of how much they can expect to pay if they book you, which encourages them to reach out to you. 


Trainer at

If you’re affiliated with a business that’s listed on Wanna Train, such as a gym or a pilates studio, you can link yourself to that business and show potential clients where you work.  


Services Offered

Let clients know whether you’re offering online coaching, coaching at the gym, or at the comfort of their home.  


Social Links

Many of you asked if you can link your Instagram account to Wanna Train. Well, we listened!  You can now link not only Instagram, but your website or blog, Facebook, TokTok and Twitter!  


Linking your Instagram account will also show your latest IG posts on your WT profile, giving you even more visual impact. Give it a try!


Base Location

Prepared to travel to meet clients? Great! Your base location allows you to set a central location from where you usually work and a maximum distance that you are willing to travel to meet clients.  


From the base location screen:

  1. Move your avatar to a location that you wish to register as your base
  2. Select a distance you are prepared to travel from 5km upto 50km
  3. Press “Save base location”


Want more photos? Add Instagram! 

Wanna Train now connects to your Instagram account to show your last 18 IG photos, 

Go to Account > Social Links > Connect to your Instagram 

Login to your Instagram account, and “Hey Presto!” your Instagram feed will appear in your profile.


And most importantly, keep actively posting on the newsfeed and engaging with others to show what you’ve got to offer!


Good luck on your journey of making those healthy connections. 


The Wanna Train team