Can T Download Nvidia Drivers Windows 10

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Not sure if any of this will help but give all 3 methods a try. Since you have even tried it in safe mode .Do you have Duo GPU chips? Try updating the intel driver first if you do.

It is a buggy driver update from Microsoft. Hope one of these solutions may help you.
Before rebooting download show hide tool from microsoft and hide the bad driver from
reinstalling.I would suggest method 3 as then you can backup your correct driver to usb or cd/dvd.

Can T Download Nvidia Drivers Windows 10

Nov 26, 2018  It’s possible your antivirus program tool or firewall may be interfering with the installation of NVIDIA drivers. Here in this article, we are going to share how to fix Nvidia Installer Failed Issue on Windows 10. I just upgraded to Windows 10, previously Windows 8.1, after a MASSIVE harddrive failure that lost pretty much everything. Since then I have found it rather jarring that when I go to download the drivers for my Nvidia card, I am met with the following message. Just bought a new Dell Inspiron i5559-3349SLV with windows 10 pre-installed. I am planning on doing a clean install this weekend, but I'm not completely clear which drivers to download to complete the reinstall.

Method 1

  • Windows 10 drivers are available for a number of Samsung PCs, which you can download via the Samsung Download Center on those individual model's support pages. Most Samsung computers that worked well with Windows 8 and Windows 7 will work great with Windows 10.
  • Also Check Out: How to use Driver Restore to download and update drivers on Windows 10. How To Install NVIDIA drivers via Windows updates. As discussed above, apart from the official website, NVIDIA drivers can also be downloaded from Windows updates. The drivers available on the Windows update are WHQL certified.

Right click on start menu and open 'Device manager', scroll down to 'display adapter', double click
on the adapter shown in display adapter. The dialogue box has 5 tabs - choose driver tab.
Then choose 'update driver', then choose 'browse my computer', then choose 'let me pick',
then choose one of the drivers shown that is not the current driver that windows is using now.

Update Drivers Nvidia Windows 10

Method 2

From Microsoft
We are aware of a problem that resulted in an incorrect driver update for some
AMD Radeon HD 2000, 3000, and 4000 series adapters. The driver update has been
corrected. If you were impacted by the incorrect driver, follow these steps for
all versions of Windows 10 to delete the driver from the system and
recover the recommended driver version (8.970.100.9001): FROM MICROSOFT

1.Start Device Manager. To do this, press and hold (or right-click) the Start Menu icon,
and then select Device Manager.
2.Expand Display adapters, and right-click the adapter that has the problem driver
installed, and then select Properties.
3.Select the Driver tab and verify driver version is
4.Select Uninstall Device.
5.Check the box that says, 'Delete the driver software for this device.” This step is
important and will prevent the problematic driver from reinstalling in the future.
6.The system may require a reboot at this point. Reboot if needed, then reopen Device Manager.
7.Select any device, then click Action -> Scan for hardware changes.
8.If the recommended driver (8.970.100.9001) is re-installed and this resolves your graphics
problems, you can stop here. (Repeat steps 1-3 to verify that the correct driver version is installed).
Otherwise follow the next step to check for the driver using Windows Update.
9.Go to Start -> Settings -> Update & security, then Check for updates and install any available updates

Download Nvidia For Windows 10

If this does not work then try this

Can T Download Nvidia Drivers Windows 10 Download

Method 3
suggest downloading the drivers for your device from the Microsoft update catalog or your computer manufacturer
and installing that driver.
1.Go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website page at
2. Do a search for your driver for older drivers that are not supported anymore. Or download
from your PC / laptop manufacturer
3.If you are using a laptop or an all-in-one PC you will want the Mobility driver, otherwise
you probably want the one that doesn't include Mobility.
4. If you have a newer driver you were using and windows does not find it then download it
from your computer manufacturer.
•If you are running 32-bit Windows, download the smaller of the two files shown for your device,
otherwise download the larger.
•Create a new folder in your downloads folder called 'Video driver'
•Double click on the CAB file you downloaded to open it and then drag its contents into the
'Video driver' folder. Or run the exe file that you downloaded from your computer manufacturer.
•Go to Device Manager and Display Adapters, select the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, right
click and select Update Driver
•Click on 'Browse my computer for driver software'
•Browse to the 'Video driver' folder you previously created and press OK and Next
•Hopefully this will install the 2015 version of the drive and you'll be back up and running or
your computer manufacturers driver
If you find and download your driver . Back it up to a usb or cd/dvd

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