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Video in Motion interface for BMW iDrive (CCC) The Xcarlink Video in Motion interface provides a simple and effective solution to unlocking the factory fitted video devices. Once installed, the video from the TV Tuner or DVD player can be viewed whilst the car is in motion instead of only when stationary.

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In this article, I will explain how you can easily code your F10 BMW for Video in Motion. If you are not tech savvy, I will also tell you how you can have this option enabled remotely without mastering any coding skills.

Things You Will Need:

You will need the following items to perform this task, though keep in mind that the cable can either be purchased or you can make your own.

As you can see it`s one part OBD2 plug which goes in your car`s OBD port and one part LAN plug which goes in your laptop.

All the cables you see on eBay are the same thing; just the price varies because setting a higher price makes people think it`s higher quality and everybody loves their BMW so many decide to buy the more expensive stuff, but don`t do that, I guarantee all cables are the same.

Making Your Own ENET Cable

This guide is intended for people who want to make their own cable. I also made my own because I didn`t want to wait until some eBay order got shipped (and also much cheaper). So I managed to do it in a few hours with the help of a friend who has an RJ45 Crimp Tool, the rest was simple as I had the schematics and also a soldering gun.

So what you need are an OBD2 Connector and a CAT53 cable.

I used a CAT5e Cable, cut at an end, and thinned the wires like this so I could solder easily.

On the OBD2 Connector side the wiring steps are:

White with Green Stripe - Pin 3
Brown - Bridges Pins 4&5
Green - Pin 11
White with Orange Stripe - Pin 12
Orange - Pin 13


On the RJ45 side, the wires should be in the following order:

White with Green Stripe - Pin 1 (Left Side)
Green - Pin 2
White with Orange Stripe - Pin 3
Blue - Pin 4 (Unused)
White with Blue Stripe - Pin 5 (Unused)
Orange - Pin 6
White with Brown Stripe - Pin 7 (Right Side)
Brown - Left out of connector (See next picture)

RJ45 Completed

2. E-SYS Software

After you bought or made your ENET Cable, the most important part is the software required for coding.

Dvd In Motion Bmw

You will need E-SYS software in order to connect to the car and enable Video in Motion on your BMW F10 or any type of F series car. In this article, I will describe the process only for F10.

This is the tricky part, depending on how new your car is, you will need a newer version of the software containing the latest data files or else you won`t be able to code your car.

You have two options:

  1. Search for the software online (some versions are present and can be downloaded for free, but there are many which don`t work or are hard to install).
  2. Buy the software package for cheap on Fiverr.

Bmw Dvd In Motion Software Download08 2017

3. Possible Coding Options

Of course, this depends on the modules that are already installed on your car, but you can also retrofit modules using E-Sys.

The list of possible options is always updated, and the guy from the Fiverr gig will also give you the latest list included in the package.

4. The Actual Coding

Bmw Dvd In Motion Software Download08 Windows 10

Ok so for enabling Video in Motion on a BMW F10 you need to:

  • Enter E-sys
  • Connect to your car chassis (select F10 simple not F10 DIRECT, never use the Direct option)
  • Read FARight click FA (click activate)
  • Click Read SVT and the list of modules will be read and shown.
  • Right click on the HU_CIC or HU_NBT module and click 'Read coding data', expand the newly shown folder and right-click on the cafd file and click 'Edit FDL'
  • Search for these options and change accordingly:

Bmw Dvd In Motion Download

  • 3000 SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MAX Change werte to: FF
  • 3000 SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MIN Change werte to: FF
  • 3000 à VIDEO_HANDBRAKE set to: nicht_aktiv
  • 3000 à VIDEO_FRONT_LOCKED set to: nicht_aktiv
  • 3000 à VIDEO_SPEEDLOCK_CONDITION set to: none=00

PS: I have found that some cars don`t have all these options in the module so don`t worry if you can`t find all of them (the ones you can`t find are no longer needed).

Video Coding Tutorial Using Esys

It`s pretty simple after you learn to code but you can either try it on your own or purchase the Fiverr gig and make sure you have everything you need to get started.

Bmw Dvd In Motion

Better safe than sorry and always pay attention to what you`re doing, don`t do it if you`re too tired and are not yet familiar with all the options in the software.

Happy coding!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Bmw Dvd In Motion Software Download 08 Full

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