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Type the words ‘healthy eating’ into Google, even Instagram & you’ll get a stream of endless articles, bloggers, vloggers and green smoothie goddesses preaching about what their thoughts on healthy eating and diets are. With the New Year well underway, Wanna Train wanted to give you an insight into healthy eating and did some serious investigative work into five epic Bali based nutritionists that want to support you into making healthy choices, that will in turn change the way you live. Don’t expect #bikinibod, expect #holistichealth & #thisisyourjourney!! With five very different nutritionists, coaches & educators, Wanna Train wants to support you in finding the right path for your 2019!

Myrthe: Holistic Health Coach

Myrthe, or otherwise known to her clients as MPWR, started her journey into the coaching & nutrition world after realizing the corporate world was not for her. Myrthe, also a qualified yoga instructor in Bali, sees actual food as secondary, whereas the primary food is anything that nourishes you as a person, whether it be relationships, work, social practice or home environment. What we love about Myrthe is that she sits down (or skypes) with her clients, & as food is the most accessible point she uses this as a starting point, from here she then finds the links & imbalances and begins to create an achievable 1:1 plan – ranging from either a 3 or 6 month program. Not only does Myrthe create incredible coaching & nutrition programs, she hosts Bali based retreats to inspire & motivate you on how to live a healthy lifestyle through yoga, workshops and coaching sessions. Myrthe doesn’t believe in quick fixes, it’s all about making those smaller changes to encourage you to believe in yourself to know you can actually achieve the life you want! Wanna feel empowered?

Mark: Holistic Personal Trainer

If you’re about to jump on board with any healthy movement, it’s with Mark Mattiazzo, a Bali based PT, who is all about Attracting New Health! Mark has been a PT for 12 years, and once found himself heavily in the body building scene & began to experience numerous gut & hormonal issues from the intense form of dieting many undergo, which in turn sparked a passion in nutrition & healing. Through study, self dediciation and client support, & six years of program making behind him, Mark created an intermittent fasting program that has been used successfully by many, using whole foods that supports the diet & lifestyle of those using it (it’s a whole 60 page E-Book!). Along with this, Mark delves deeper into his clients lifestyle by analysing gut health, hormonal imbalances & bloods to create incredible individualized three month programs, you can even find him on our App now engaging with our growing community! What Wanna Train loved is that no one program is the same, he caters for clients from various backgrounds, training regimes and budgets to create long term changes. With 24/7 access via email, WhatsApp, private FB pages & Skype you really do feel like you’re getting Mark’s full attention, even if you are based online!

Erin – Holistic Nutritionist

New to the Bali Bubble is Erin, an ex-athlete with an expertiese in Kinesiology, found her passion in nutrition and health during her training journey, where she hit a plateau and her mental health was taking a serious back seat compared to her physical. Once enrolled on her Holistic Nutrition Program, she found incredible ways to heal with food, using it as medicine and as a preventative. As she got further into her studies & work, she found more and more people, especially young girls, where none of their goals were weight loss orientated, but to feel good mentally, gain energy and overall gain mental, physical & emotional wellness. By sitting down and discussing or through an in-depth Skype call, Erin runs her clients through a symtomology test, figuring out where the imbalances lie. From there, she works backwards, looks for the missing links and begins to implement whole, seasonal foods, probiotics and supplements (she even owns her own supplement company)! A typical program with Erin starts from 8 weeks onwards, with free follow ups if you recommend her to your friends!! Through email communication and a wealth of knowledge, Erin, a bright and bubbly Canadian, really won us over through her pure passion and knowledge!

Maggie Chang – CrossFit Coach & Nutritionist

Maggie Chang, a Chemistry & Law graduate from Auckland with a longing passion for fitness after starting CrossFit serval years ago, who has now embraced the beautiful Island of Bali with her knowledge & epic CrossFit coaching skills! Whilst Maggie was on her journey to becoming the best version of herself she began learning how food could impact her health, performance and energy. This in turn pushed Maggie into a career change down the fitness & nutrition route, with a strong belief that nutrition is a lifestyle, between nutrient intake and enjoying the foods that you love!! When joining Maggie, you will be filled with all the knowledge and power to take control of your lifestyle, not just your diet, to create permanence in the change you are looking to undergo. Wanna know more? Maggie offers a Basic Plan, Plan + Adjustments & 1:1 Coaching programs. Along with this, Maggie offers a 90 day program, for women, consisting of 1:1 coaching, full time support, twice monthly 1:1 sessions, tips & tricks and a personalised nutrition & training plan. You can find these many aspects in her various plans that she offers. Find Maggie lifting heavy, coaching at Fortitude Bali, educating & bringing her bubbly personality everywhere she goes!

Sarah – Clinical Nutritionist

From long term fashion enthusiast to now Clinical Nutritionist, Sarah Newland, threw in the scarves & boots and began to focus on a journey of self-improvement, becoming mesmerized by the power of nutrition and food as medicine. With a university degree in Health Science & Nutritional Medicine, Sarah now focusses on using a holistic based approach, backed with scientific evidence and traditional food wisdom. Sarah’s consults involve getting to know you, your goals, health troubles, history and familial factors, along with a comprehensive dietary analysis. From there potential deficiencies, links between systems & imbalances are assessed, along with looking at any possible toxicities or needs for testing. When joining Sarah she offers three comprehensive programs; 30 Day Metabolic Reset (the most popular of the 3), Anti-inflammatory Eating Regime (30, 60 or 90 day option), 60 Day Intensive (top of the range, highly tailored program). All of Sarah’s programs are tailored to your individuals needs, with nutritional treatment plans, tailored resource kits, recipes and the information you could need to get right with your nutrition. All of Sarah’s programs are great for weight loss, chronic disease management & symptom reduction & elimination – increasing your overall vitality and energy. Wanna Train has never met anybody so passionate about her job, where she thrives from watching others transition into healthy, active, happy individuals!
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